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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Career Tips: Interesting Jobs for Working Mums

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We live in frugal economic times and with unemployment rising, it is increasingly difficult for mothers to find well-paid employment that is flexible and rewarding. Many women give up on their career once they have had children as the ability to find a job that they can work around childcare becomes increasingly difficult. However, there are many professions out there that are geared towards the working mother and which are in fact well paid. 

The Freelance Writer

Why not become a freelance writer and work from home? This job is perfect if you have previous research and writing skills. Working as a freelancer is fantastic for those mums who like a bit of variety and want to do something different every day. Freelance work can involve writing web based content, reviews, eBooks, articles, blogs and press rehearses. There is quite a lot of variety. Joining several content writing sites is also a good idea, as this will ensure a steady flow of work with reasonable pay. The main advantage of freelance writing is the flexibility involved – flexibility that allows you to work during the evening and early mornings, leaving the rest of the day free for taking care of your children. 

The Web Designer

This is another job that mothers can do from the comfort of their own home. The web design profession is very sought after today, and it is another one that allows working mothers to set their own deadlines as well as working schedules. As this type of work does not require you to be in the office from 9-5, it is an especially great job opportunity for mothers wishing to get back into work. There are many web designer jobs to be found online and they very often pay a decent wage. If you are new to the web design world, or need to freshen up on your skills, there are many web-based courses offered on sites such as Coursera, which are often entirely free of charge (you would have to purchase the certificate though if you were to start applying for jobs in the industry). 

The Early Years Childcare Worker

A perfect job for mothers who wish to return to work is that of working as an early years childcare worker. The hours are perfect, as you can work around the school day and you will already have lots of knowledge that has been gained from your own experience in raising a child. Many settings also offer 'on the job' training to boost your qualifications. If you prefer to work from home, then you can do so as a registered childminder.

There are many job opportunities out there for working mothers that are rewarding and pay well. If you are unsure of where to start your job search, or how to find jobs that are relevant to your qualifications and experience, sites like Jobrapido can turn out to be really helpful, providing you with job offers all around the UK, from Edinburgh to Birmingham. Believe in yourself and find that perfect job!

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