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Sunday 9 October 2016

What's in My Bag? The Working/Blogging/Mum Edit

Being a full time working mum and also a blogger, I tend to have to hoard around a lot of "stuff". My husband always jokes when I lug around my large bag, but it has all the essentials I need in one bag. Which means I rarely have to take out a changing bag. 

The bag I use daily is from Accessorize and has three large hand compartments. I split them into "work", "blog"and "Henry" - organised right?! This way I know where everything is depending on which "mode" I'm in. 

Blog section

I tend to carry a notebook with me at all times. This is usually filled with to-do lists (which seemingly are not getting ticked off very quickly at the moment) or ideas that pop into my head. I tried for a while to do it all on my phone and despite being a lover of technology, in this instance pen and paper always wins. I also slot my diary in this section, I currently have the Dodo diary. These are amazing for organising everyone's schedules into one, including my blog! If it's the weekend, I will also try and squeeze in my Canon EOS 750d, though I would love to invest in a smaller camera to vlog with. 

Work Section

In this compartment, I keep all my pens, highlighters, purse (a gorgeous one from Cath Kidston), work lanyard, keys and phone. I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and really love it. The video quality is amazing and has stalled me purchasing a new vlog camera for now. Check out my DITL vlog where you can see the video quality. 

Henry's Section

The middle zipped section is where I keep a few nappies, wipes, spare set of clothes and a little pouch of food in case of emergencies. I love the Mamia pouches from Aldi, they're fantastic for on the go and both Darcie and Henry love snacking on them. 

Small zipped compartment

This is where I keep a little hand mirror, lipsticks, perfume and brush. I'm using the Compact Styler by Tangle Teezer at the moment and this particular one is perfect for your handbag as it has a removable cover that keeps the brush clean whilst out and about. The perfume is one of my staples, Boss Orange. The lipstick is a beautiful deep red (for when I feel I need a little pick me up!) by Kate Moss and a lip balm is always a must too, Bliss Fabulips is a must have for me at the moment.

I would love to know what your handbag staples are!

Mummy B xoxox

*Collaborative post

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