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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Time to get the Long Coat Out

The other day I was out enjoying a country walk with the kids. It was a sunny day, but a bit windy. Normally, perfect walking conditions, but only if you are dressed for it. Unfortunately, I was only wearing a light jacket, so was thankful to get my hands around a warm mug of tea, when I got home. It was only then that I realised that I needed to buy some more winter clothes. So, this week, I have been browsing online looking at knitwear, coats and boots. 

New shoes and boots

This year’s knee high boots are particularly stylish. Last year was all about ankle boots, to full-length models. As they're proving so popular there are lots out there fit for any budget and I'm hoping to do some shopping on Black Friday as it's a great way to save some money, hopefully I can pick up a pair I have had my eyes on for a while. If you can wait a few weeks before going shopping it is well worth doing so, plus Black Friday is also a great day to start your Christmas present shopping.

A classy long coat

No winter wardrobe is complete without a coat. I, like most people, already own several, but most years I end up buying a new one, and giving away one of my old ones. It is the best way to keep my look fresh, and up to date. Every year, designers seem to focus on one type of coat and, for 2016, I would say it is the turn of the full-length coat. 

Most retailers are stocking a good choice of long coats. The classic cuts are the most popular, so this year is a great time to grab something warm, and smart. They are great for slipping on over a dress or suit, but still look right with a pair of jeans. I'm heading to Paris at the end on the month and I can picture me walking the streets od Paris doning a classic long coat....

A great choice of knitwear

If you want a lighter coat, to wear on an autumn day, a coatigan is a great option. This garment is a full length cardigan that is cut to look like a coat. They are made from slightly heavier material than a standard jumper or cardie. They look extremely stylish, and there are a lot of different styles and finishes available. This type of cardigan is also very versatile. You could wear it for a meal out or at a pinch use it as a house coat, or to wear under a mid length overcoat or parka while watching the kids play football. There is also plenty of more traditional knitwear available in the shops if that does not appeal. 

Layering is essential

If you want a versatile winter wardrobe, think layers. The weather is getting more unpredictable. Wearing layers of clothing allows you to regulate your body temperature, and quickly change your look when you want to.

I would love to hear about type of clothing you are thinking of buying for the winter or your facourite autumn/winter piece you've already picked up.

Mummy B xoxox

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