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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bathroom Decoration: 5 Top Tips

Bathrooms can sometimes be a last thought, crammed into a tiny space in the corner of your house with just enough room to shower and bathe, but little else! Ideally, you want to feel tranquil in your bathroom and relax; it should be somewhere that you wash off the day, rid yourself of stress and then climb into bed, so it needs to feel right. To open up the space and make your bathroom feel peaceful again here are five top tips on bathroom decoration. 

Give yourself a view

Most bathrooms have hardly any outside light coming in, usually because you’re in the nude and it’s for privacy but it can leave them feeling a bit dark and claustrophobic. A simple option to lighten things up and give you a view of the stars in the bath is to invest in velux windows. Velux windows are fitted in your roof and come in a range of sizes, from tiny to enormous, depending on how much light you are looking to let in to the room and how much space you have to work with. Velux windows also open so in the summer you can let the air in and the steam out after a hot shower or bath.

Wooden panelling

If you wanted, you could box in your sink and bath with vertical wooden panelling to make things tidy, paintable and give you some extra storage! The space beneath the sink is always tricky to manoeuvre but if you just box it in and put some shelves in you have instant storage for all of those extra soaps and cleaning products. The colour you paint the panels is entirely up to you. Neutrals work but so does a pop of something brighter such as a nautical blue, have some fun with it.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Like with all small spaces, a mirror on the wall can work magic at opening things up. You need a decent mirror in a bathroom to make yourself look beautiful too – no bathroom is complete without a mirror above the vanity unit. However, if you have a nice flat wall to fill take your mirror to the edges of it then go for it and give your bathroom the maximum space you can. Country Living offers great advice for the use of mirrors - ‘the bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create.’ You can get mirrors cut to size to fill spaces to make the most of smaller rooms.

Tile one wall

Tiling is still in fashion in bathrooms, and will remain stylish forever as long as you choose the right tiles. A mosaic style tiling of one of the walls in your bathroom is really effective and provides an interesting focal point. Make sure you choose natural colours and avoid anything sparkly that you might end up hating two months down the line. If the thought of tiling makes you shudder then you could consider a feature wall with some sort of tropical wallpaper and let it carry you away while you relax in the bath. 

Get smart with your storage

Instead of trying to find the perfect cabinet for your bathroom why not just stack wooden boxes for the time being and fill them with all of your necessities? If you’re worried about things looking messy out in the open, then invest it some cute glass pots to fill with things like cotton wool and other odds and ends. A popular trend for a towel rail is now either random hooks dotted around the bathroom, or, if you have enough room, a rustic wooden ladder as a towel rail – it looks really effective and has enough rungs for all of your towels to stay fresh on. You should also consider storage for your boiler too, often they're homed in the bathroom and can take up valuable space. Why not utlise this and build clever storage within the airing cupboard too - it's the perfect place to store those extra towels or if you're in the process of decorating the bathroom, it's a good time to get the boiler replaced at the same time. Often choosing the right boiler installation can be a confusing task, this is not something you should do on your own, get professionals in and seek advice where needed. 

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