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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Guide to Sticking to Your New Years Resolutions

It's the 5th January, are you already starting to wobble about your New Years Resolutions? You're not alone. According to statistics, those people who've made resolutions 68.7% have normally failed by the second week. So how do you make sure you stay on track?

Change doesn't just have to be on 1st January

The first step should be the recognition that you can start change at anytime of the Year. The 1st January is like any other day, if you feel like you've missed the starting point, don't panic. There is 365 days in which you can make positive changes in your life. If you want change don't make excuses that you've missed the boat, be positive and act now - it's never too late.

Realistic resolutions

The second step is to make sure your resolutions are realistic. Instead of picking the same old resolutions that you can never seem to keep, like losing a ton of weight in a short space of time, choose an area that you know needs improvement rather than a radical change. Think long term and make sure it's something you can actually see happening. For instance, perhaps you don't see enough of your friends. Work, kids and life keep getting in the way. Working on these seemingly simple things may be more rewarding in the long run. Make time for then, see the positive impact it has. It's realistic and totally achievable.

Tools you need for change

Third, step is to think about how you're going to achieve them. It's all well and good saying you're going to do something, but if you don't know how, then how can you possibly succeed? Creating a plan is vital. Giving up smoking has always been a popular new years resolution but it's one of the hardest ones to stick to. Going cold turkey may not be the way to go, instead, research alternatives that can replace smoking. My best friend is currently on her journey to quit smoking and she has opted to switch to Vaping. She is lowering the nicotine content slowly and then hopefully she will have kicked the habit. I'm incredibly proud of her, as I know it's no easy feat.

One resolution at a time

My last tip would be to tackle one resolution at a time. I have quite a few things that I'd like to change, but I know if I tried to tackle them all at once, I would fail miserably. Instead I'm trying to do them one at a time. This month I want to get into the habit of using my diary. Next month I'm going to focus on water intake. The following month I want to start the couch to 5k challenge. Tackling these one at a time allows me to focus and give each challenge my all.

Do you have any tips for those who are implementing change?

Mummy B xoxox

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