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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Babywearing Lingo | An Introduction

Babywearing, yes it's a thing. It's something that is becoming a popular trend but in reality, it is something that has always been done. Babywearing is where you use a carrier, sling or wrap to carry your child hands-free - allowing you to carry on with your day whilst comforting your child. Amazing right?

However, there seems to be this stigma attached. Like it's a just for those "attachment style parents", "why carry your child if they're capable of walking?", "Holding a baby for so long, you're going to spoil them" - All of which is a load of nonsense on so many levels (though this is a post all in itself). Unsupportive carriers have also given babywearing a bad reputation, many people's past experiences have been negative because they've not found the right carrier for them. Thankfully, today's baby carrier market has changed this and there are some amazing and comfortable carriers that allow you to carry your baby/child up to 60lbs!

Babywearing Lingo

Buckle Carrier

A buckle carriers are also known as 'soft-structured carriers' (SSC's) look very similar to frameless backpacks, with shoulder and waist straps. Babies/children are usually held upright against your chest, back or sometimes hip. Many buckle carriers are suitable from around 4 months when your baby can support their own heads. However, some carriers like the Tula Buckle Carriers, have inserts that allow you to carry your baby from birth (7-15lbs). These are a popular choice for parents as they're far less complex than other carriers, they've proven to be very popular with dads too.

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy Wraps are one long piece of cotton fabric (around 4.5 - 5.0m in length) that fits most adults. The fabric is wrapped around your waist, back, chest and shoulders, and your baby is positioned between the wrap and your body - perfect for the tiniest newborn and younger, lighter babies.
Whilst it can be a little tricky to begin with, you soon learn the different ways in which you can wrap for different positions. When my son was small, I adored using a stretchy wrap it was incredibly comfy and has made me want to try a woven wrap...

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is much like a stretchy wrap, except it is made of a woven fabric as opposed to stretchy - ideal if you're looking to babywear into toddlerhood. Woven wraps are said to be one of the most versatile forms of carriers you can buy, they're also strikingly beautiful and can become a little addictive. I'm currently a little bit in love with the Lexington Boulder from Tula.

Ring Sling

Ring slings are made up of fabric that gets pulled through 2 rings to create a little pouch for your baby's body. This for of carrier is super adjustable and allows breastfeeding easily - hands free. This is a style of sling I've never tried, but I like the idea of being able to do a hip carry so I'm definitely interested in exploring this style of carrier further.

 So there we have it, a little terminology if you're new to the babywearing world or are thinking of exploring it further. It's something I have really enjoyed this time around with my son and I hoping we carry on through toddlerhood.

Mummy B xoxox


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