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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Buying Clothes for Your Husband

I love what my husband wears, most of the time, but I know a few women who despair of the way their other halves dress. For the most part it is not their style it is the fact that they just will not let go of their old favourites, and are not that keen on going shopping. It seems that for some men, they just never seem to get around to doing it.

Sometimes the best approach is to accept that your man is just not going to go shopping, and start to buy some, or most, of his clothes for him. If he is not used to your buying clothes for him, gently does it. Buying your husband a couple of clothing gifts is a good way to test the waters and see how he responds to your buying clothes for him.

Match his style

One mistake many women make is trying to change their husband’s style too much. You need to buy clothes that he likes rather than what you would like to see him wearing.  If he does not like something, it is wise to take it straight back and change it, so always keep the receipt.

Getting the sizing right

When it comes to sizes the accuracy is better than it is for women’s clothing, but it is not always spot on. Therefore, rather than rely on the label it is often wise to measure his favourite shirt and try to match the sizing as closely as possible. If your man goes to the gym when buying polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets and tops pay particular attention to the width of the sleeves. Despite the fact that, these days, many men work out at the gym, many retailers still do not sell clothes that are big enough to accommodate well-developed biceps. Or if they're tall like my other half, that's something else to consider. We've had a number of crop top incidents!

Other approaches

Now, I know that this approach will not work for all couples. Some people hate having clothes bought for them. They will not entertain it at all, under any circumstances.

In that situation, the best approach is to start looking at menswear shops when you are out shopping for other things together. If you see something nice just stop and casually ask your man what he thinks of it, or tell him he would look great in it. You will be surprised at how often he will actually go in and try it on. Shopping for an outfit to wear to a wedding or another special occasion can also be a good time to ask your man to try on something a bit different.

When out shopping, if he is in the changing room, try handing a couple of other things in for him to try on. Provided you choose the items wisely, you stand a good chance of him buying something a bit different. Then the only battle you have left is persuading him to throw one of his old favourites away, so that you can be sure he will actually wear his new clothes.

Mummy B xoxox

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