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Monday, 15 May 2017

Hygge Dining

Creating a hygge home is something that I really feel is vital for me on my path to being a happier and healthy me. Hygge is something that isn't just some cool new hip trend, it's something that really clicked with me and really fits with my whole mindset. Having a home that creates the feeling of well-being brought about through warmth, cosiness, sanctuary and belonging and for many, the kitchen being the heart of the home is the perfect place to put hygge into a home.


The key to creating a hygge kitchen is to ensure that it's a social space. A place where friends and family can come together, to connect, relax and of course, enjoy lots of home cooked food. Creating the perfect hygge kitchen is particularly easy to achieve if you've got a good space to work with. A kitchen island unit is perfect for this as it lends itself well to cooking together. A breakfast bar is a good alternative if you're lacking in space.

Again, thinking about social space, having a relaxing seating area is perfect for hygge.  Cosy sofa's, soft furnishings and textiles all add to that warm and inviting feeling hygge is famous for. Though, of course some kitchens do not have the space for this, even adding cushions to dining room shares can all add to that hygge feeling. We're looking at flooring options for our kitchen and are thinking of amtico flooring tiles in a wood effect, adding a rug to create the perfect hygge ambience. 

Back to the heritage of Hygge, light is so important. Harsh lighting can affect the ambience that influences the Hygge feeling.  Create lighting that is low level and inviting, soft under the counter lighting is perfect for this and having candles placed in social areas such as the dining room table.


It's hard to deny the pleasure of comfort food and just how cosy it can make you feel. There are certain foods that I most definitely associate with hygge and these foods, in our family seem to bring us together.

Sunday roast is my ultimate hygge. I love cooking one whilst I listen to my husband play with the children, the smell of warm comforting food wafting through the house. This food is just so warming and comforting, especially through the colder months.

During the summer, hygge is definitely present too. BBQ's and even picnics are perfect as they tend to get everyone involved in the cooking/preparation and create a relaxed atmosphere. There is nothing more lovely than enjoying a BBQ as the sun is setting, sitting back, snuggling your little ones wrapped up together in a blanket, just being. 

I would love to hear your hygge food inspiration and any recipes you think we should try.

Mummy B xoxox

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