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Sunday 30 April 2017

Mummy & Daddy Break

Last weekend my husband and I had a child free weekend in the Peak District. It was bliss. We had tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Manchester, as we had this as an excuse, we opted to make the most of it. With the amazing help of our parents, we knew the kids were well and truly in good hands. We were completely able to relax and be Kay and Jamie instead of just Mum & Dad.

 Being parents is, of course, wonderful. We love being mum and dad to our two beautiful children, but our family is incredibly busy and life is constantly at full speed. We needed a day or two, to slow it all down.

We headed to Hayfield Camping and Caravan Park and chose to stay in one of their camping Pods. These pods are the perfect way to getaway on a budget and it cost us £80 in total! Hayfield is a stunning little village at the base of Kinder Scout, it turned out to be so good that we're planning on another trip here with the children.

On the Saturday we did the 15km Kinder Scout hike, as hard as it was (my fitness levels, or lack of, were really highlighted here!) I enjoyed it so, so much. The hike completely cleared my mind, it's amazing how something so tough can actually make you unwind and get back on track. I think it's because, at that moment in time, it's just you and this one obstacle. All the other worries and stresses leave you and it you, the mountain and your significant other. That feeling when you reach the top is so special, you know, like when you reach the bottom of the laundry basket - only you have a better view. Something you think unachievable, yet you've done it. On the way down, I kept looking back, amazed by the distance we had covered. That day I did 27,217 steps, a brand new record!

Sunday, the day of the concert, we headed to Manchester to take in its offerings. We've never been before and actually, despite negative first impressions, I really loved the city. It had a lot of soul and kind of loved it's vibe. It's very different from London, not as fast passed.

That evening we headed to the arena where we were serenaded to by the one and only Ed. My god, it was incredible. Every song perfectly performed, by him and him alone. The way he performs makes you feel like it's just you and him, cringe, I know. But he has a way of captivating his audience and I was completely suckered in.

It was the perfect way to end an amazing trip. We came back in the early hours of the morning 3am to be exact and back to reality at 6am, but wouldn't have it any other way. If you're feeling that you need a little break from it all. Do it. It doesn't have to cost the earth, just do something for you and your partner.

Mummy B xoxox


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