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Friday, 7 April 2017

Our Easter Plans

If you're anything like me, then Easter has crept up on you and you're now having a mad panic as to what on earth you're going to do Easter weekend. If you've got it all planned, then please, leave me your words of wisdom! Each year I have wonderful plans that I'm going to decorate my house with spring themed accessories. Go on Easter themed days out and plan one heck of a Egg Hunt. Well, as I'm a teacher I've dragged my sorry self to the Easter holidays and now I'm well and truly zonked and full of flu. I have one week to turn it around.


For decor this year I'm going to try and keep it low key. I've got lot's of daffodils around the house, which I love (and are so cheap) and the only other thing I want to buy is an Easter wreath. Tomorrow, I'm going to do some crafts with the kiddies and make some bunting - wish me luck.


I do love doing an Easter basket, often filled with inexpensive gifts. We do a little egg hunt, but I like them to have some none chocolatey things too. Darcie is mad on crafts, so I'm thinking a paint your own birdhouse would be lovely. For Henry, who is not so crafty, a personalised jigsaw set. He loves anything like this that he has to work out. I swear he tried to unscrew most bolts in our house. We always get them a book too, I picked up "We're going on an egg hunt" a few weeks back that I put away (I was clearly having a good day).


We don't normally do the Sunday Roast type dinner, instead, we lay on a huge breakfast. Hot cross buns, eggs, bacon, fresh orange juice - it's become our little tradition and the kids love it.

Egg Hunt

Jamie has to work Easter Sunday, so perhaps we will have another little Easter Egg hunt in my Dad's garden or perhaps we'll venture to a locally held one. I've always fancied doing the egg hunt at Sandringham Estate, if it's good enough for the Queen...

I would love to hear your Easter Plans, any craft ideas you have. I'm hoping to kick this flu's butt, because the kiddies are incredibly bored at the moment. Wish me luck!

Mummy B xoxox

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