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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Acceptance | Anxiety

Anxiety, no one is free from it. Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness such as worry or fear, no one has the luxury of living life anxiety free I'm afraid.  This is something I'm slowly beginning to understand, I will not beat anxiety. It will always be there at varying levels and it's time I began to accept this.

No, I'm not saying it's time I give up. That's not in my character. That crippling feeling of anxiety will not rule my life, because I'm arming myself ready for my inner battles that will inevitably take place. Last week marked Mental Health Awareness week and as with any mental health issue it's important it's discussed, which is why I decided now was the perfect time talk about an incredible book I have had the pleasure of reading - Loving the Life Less Lived.

Loving the Life Less Lived written by Gail Marie Mitchell, shares her own experiences and battles with anxiety and how she found that acceptance came with the most incredible power. Her brutally honest accounts which I felt were pretty much nail on the head and her coping tools make for a must-have guide for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. 

I've always been a big believer that mindset plays a huge part in everyday life, there have been occasions where my mindset towards my anxiety has only added fuel to the fire. Only this week my anxiety got really bad, physical symptoms were becoming hugely distracting and I was struggling to focus. I was getting more and more frustrated with myself. Then some of Gail's words came flooding back and I started to take back control and use some of the tools that I know help to ease my symptoms and get me on track to positivity;

Mindfulness: One from Gail's toolbox and one that I really adore (see this post). I use my Calm App to do a full body scan and then I will try and go for a Mindful walk. I loved Gail's example of her daily commute on the tram and it's so true for many of us that we plug ourselves in and take no notice of everything around us. Unplugging is something I regularly now do (literally will put my phone in a draw) and the benefits are huge.

Music: Again Gail discusses the benefits music can have and I notice how much my mindset can alter when music is playing, I have an acoustic covers playlist which I adore and promotes productivity and relaxation for me.

Hobbies and Creativity: My bullet journal, a recent discovery for me but I made one when I was feeling that anxiety was starting to take control. Having something which gives me focus and a creative outlet (and wasn't work like my blog has become, though I love it so, so, so much) without any pressure or expectations. It's so important that we do things for just us, to keep our identity and give us focus. 

Acceptance: Gail talks about anxiety as a volume dial, it's always there in the background but you can choose to turn that volume down. Mindfulness is a fantastic tool for dialling down the "noise" and gets you back on track to enjoying everything that you should be enjoying and leading the way to a more positive outlook. 

Gail's book has definitely given me the power and ability, that I already had but needed reminding, to realise that I can live the life I want to live and though it isn't easy (I mean, who's life really is?) remembering that I am in control is an incredibly powerful tool in itself. 

If you're suffering from anxiety or any mental health issue, remember you're not alone. Speaking up is the first and most positive step you can take. 

Mummy B xoxox

*I was sent Love the Life Less Lived to review, my thoughts, as aways are honest.


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