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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Rainy Day Activities | A Rainy Day Emergency Pack

So spring is here and I was hoping that by now, we would've had more days playing in the garden. My two seem to play better when outside, but in usual British fashion, we've had pretty dismal weather. So today, I thought I would share with you some of our favourite rainy day activities.

 I feel my two are at an awkward age. Darcie who is almost five gets frustrated easily when playing with her one-year-old brother, Henry. She is very much into imaginative play, so if Henry isn't quite in sync with that imaginative world, all hell breaks loose! They do have moments of playing harmoniously, and its usually when we're doing an activity together. Rainy play days are always my favourite because it's when we all seem to come together and have lots of hygge moments. I have a cupboard in my kitchen which I've dubbed as the "Rainy Day Supplies" it includes a whole host of activities...

Board games are a favourite of Darcie's, though Henry isn't old enough to play they make a nice activity to do once it's nap time. Playing a board game is a perfect way to bond with your children and many have educational benefits too making them a great learning tool too. Darcie's favourites include, Bukaroo, Beehive Surprise and Twister.

Crafting is something both my two absolutely adore. Darcie is very creative and that has even been noted at school so it's something we try and encourage at home. They love to paint, cut and stick, and generally, make a creative mess masterpiece. We have a messy mat that I pop down on the table to ensure minimal mess and maximum fun (and a less stressed mama!). I recently needed to restock their "activity" cupboard at home and TJ Hughes had some fantastic items for children, including a crafting supply set. Their items were fantastically priced and they pride themselves on being a leading discount department store specialising in home and fashion, fragrance and cosmetics, technology and electrical goods.

Play Sand is also a firm favourite with my two, we've just introduced it to Henry and he went crazy for it! The play sand we picked up from TJ Huges is perfect, never dries out, easy to clean up and is non-toxic - perfect for those little ones who have a habit of putting everything in their mouths. I'm just about to purchase a messy-play tray, which I originally thought about for more outside activities but it's perfect for things like play sand and play-doh too.

Pop Corn I always like to make sure I've got some popcorn in the house, it makes duvet days a little more special. Snuggled up on the sofa's with our favourite film (Trolls... I think we hold the world record for the number of times watch, along with Parent Trap!) is the perfect activity after a morning of play.

Why not check out other top activity ideas on my Pinterest Board?

I would love to hear what you would have in your rainy day emergency pack, it may give me some more ideas ready for may half term, because, quite frankly, we can't rely on the weather!

Mummy B xoxox

*In Collaboration with TJ Hughes 


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