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Saturday, 17 June 2017

"Mum, I hate you"

In the world of kiddies, I can't seem to catch up with the latest crazes and most sort after toys. One week it's all about the dolls, the next its fairies in the garden. My head spins. In fact, me and Darcie came to "blows" this evening when she got so frustrated because I just didn't know what she was going on about.

My girl adores the world of YouTube and she was starting to tell me about these new video series and I was busy making dinner and couldn't quite catch what she was saying. So cue the stroppy, "Mum you never listen to me" me spiel. In fact, I'm not going to sugar coat it, she told me she hated me. Well, she didn't tell me, she wrote it down (spelt correctly too!).

Knife in the heart.

What hurt the most is that I kind of felt she was being honest. I know she doesn't hate me but I have been way too snappy of late and at times, totally taken it out on her. Parenthood isn't like it is on Instagram. It can be hard and gritty and her words hit me like a sack of bricks.

I've been so busy, work has been crazy. My mind is working overtime. Jamie's shifts have been hard too, meaning neither of us is getting any downtime. I've been constantly on the go, that my priorities clearly are not in the right place. What she gave me was a reality check right there and then.

I immediately burst into tears, she did too. Seriously, this isn't my finest parenting hour.

She immediately apologised and said she didn't know why she said it. I told her ( very calmly) that she did have a reason and it's ok to tell me, that we all need to be honest if we're not happy at any point.

She said that she didn't like that I didn't read her a bedtime story and she's right. I haven't been as enthusiastic with bedtime stories as I usually am. Henry hasn't been sleeping properly and he's been taking hours to finally drift off and so it's kind of been put on the backburner.

She also said that we don't play enough together and she really wanted to show me this new toy she's been loving. So we had a chat, I was honest and told her how busy I was and that wasn't an excuse not to do all the things we love together. So we cuddled and made a promise to do lots more of the things we love.

 That evening we spent some time bonding, she's let me into the world of Bush Babies, the thing she was so desperate to talk to me about. Which is really strange as I was recently made aware of these through a contact of mine, - clearly they are the next craze!

Apparently, these Bush Babies are the guardians of dreams and live in Bush Baby World. Darcie tells me that they have to protect the Dream Tree, which gives off sparkly dust that makes all our dreams filled with wonder - kind of adept really when we were feeling so down. 

We then went and watched the Bush Babies episodes on YouTube which go hand in hand with the toys. It was so nice to just sit and chat and indulge in all of the things that she enjoys. Sometimes we need that. We need a reality check to get us back on track.

Mummy B xoxox

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