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Sunday, 6 August 2017

4 Trendy home decorating tips for 2017

When it comes to interior decorating, nobody can tell which trends will come and go next. Just like in fashion, designing a home is all about colours, textures, form, and function. Everything goes in and out of style based on the season. If you want to give your home an updated look, it's important to do your research first. Here are 4 trendy home decorating tips this year that’ll surely pique your interest:

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Install custom blinds

Custom blinds make great window treatments. There are several types to choose from, and nowadays it’s not hard to get a contractor that can custom make them for you. offers made to measure blinds that are surely going to transform your windows.

There are several different types of blinds and each of them offers unique benefits to your home. But in general, they all provide sufficient shade and take up less space when drawn compared to curtains. And today, they go in a variety of different colours and shades that will go well with any furnishing.

Add greenery

Dubbed as Pantone’s colour of the year, it’s no wonder tons of designers are incorporating this colour to a lot of furnishings. Green is described as refreshing, revitalizing, and reinvigorating. The colour is symbolic of a fresh start, and consumers are being drawn to its organic neutrality. Accentuating your home with green decor makes it look up to date. From walls to rugs, and even live plants and tropical prints, all shades of green are in this year. From the lightest to the darkest, greenery themed accents and interior is all the hype this 2017.

Embrace faux finishes

It’s easy to accept imitation clothes and designs in the fashion industry. But when it entered the interior decorating community, everybody got blown away. When rustic became a trend, people flocked over to wood workers to get custom shelves and cabinets, creating a demand for timber and barn wood. But realizing that not only are they expensive but also hard to customize and mobilize, customers needed a solution. The answer is faux.

Faux wood, marble, and foliage are all interesting and practical alternatives for customers who want to update the look of their homes without spending too much. After all, who knows when the hype for glossy marble countertops will die? More and more homes are embracing faux materials this year. Instead of timber, manufacturers have created wood laminates that look like the real thing. Marbled surfaces can now be achieved by adhesive wallpapers. Plants and foliage all have plastic and fabric counterparts, for those who hate maintenance. Surely, these imitations been around for ages but it’s only now that they’re gaining attention. They’re as pretty as the original, but also inexpensive and gives your home a lot of character.

Experiment with texture

Any home would benefit from proper use of texture. From fabrics to surfaces, to wall finishes, when done right the effects are dramatic. Texture is inviting and it adds dimension to a place. Touching a fur coated pillow case, walking barefoot on a burlap carpet, running your hands on recycled wood, each gives a unique feeling. Textures have a way of appealing to human senses, which is why it’s coming to a rise this year.

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