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Saturday, 12 August 2017

A boy with very few words

My boy turns two in a few weeks and up until recently, I was starting to get quite concerned with his communication skills and lack of speech. By the time Darcie was two she was talking in complete sentences, we were even able to ask her what she would like for her birthday and she was able to give us a long list of ideas. As a teacher, I know all too well that every child is different and learns, grows and develops at different rates but I kind of feel it's only natural to compare and worry. I mean that's what us mums do best... worry!

Henry, unlike his sister, seemed to be a man of very few words. He could say the usual few words but was far off from where his sister was at similar ages. His understanding was pretty much sound. He understood everything we were saying to him but being unable to communicate on his end lead to lots of tantrums and me getting frustrated because I couldn't understand what he wanted. Again, tantrums are a whole new territory for us and something I'm still not sure on how best to deal with. But a part of me knew these tantrums were only magnified because of his lack of communication.

Then, about four weeks ago it was like a little part of his brain had kicked into life, literally like a switch had been flicked. He was saying more and more and even making sentences. During one drop off at nursery, I popped Henry in his chair for breakfast with the rest of his friends. Gave him a kiss and said, "Be good, have a good day and love you lots", he replied "Bye bye, mummy. Good day. Love you". Everyone in the room, including me was taken aback. My boy had said a full sentence! From then on he has literally transformed. He asks questions, chats with his sister and communicates his needs and wants so well. Everyone who has seen him recently has commented on just how well he's doing.

Whilst he still is not quite a chatterbox as Darcie and his favourite response is "nope", we just can't get over his progress and just shows how magical child development really is. It boggles me how they can go to bed one evening being unable to do something and then wake up the next fully able to do something completely new. Thier determination to be able to succeed is something I wish I could bottle and sip from occasionally when I'm trying to learn something new and feel like giving up (photoshop, you're my Everest!).

I can't help but look at him and think how grown up he is, him being our last makes this for a bitter sweet milestone. I'm pretty sure potty training will be next on the agenda (though a fair few months down the line) and then it really will be a goodbye to those baby/toddler years. Though I'm happy with our decision to stop at two, I really will miss the baby years.

Mummy B xoxox


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