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Friday, 4 August 2017

Happy Anniversary

On the 2nd August, it was the mine and Hubby's 3rd Wedding anniversary (we've been together almost 12)!  As I say when any monumental date comes along, time goes so flipping quickly! Our wedding day was literally one of the happiest days of my life. All the copious planning and build up were completely worth it. The day was filled with happiness, a day spent with close family and friends. It was intimate, relaxing and everything I hoped it would be.

Being parents is hard work, I don't sugar coat this. We bicker, get stressed but still, we work together, building our future and above all making sure each other is happy. These last three years have been filled with challenges and we've got through them all. I'm so incredibly proud of him and hope he is of me.

To celebrate, we went on a family treasure hunt at Whitlingham Country Park. A part of Norfolk I'd never been. It was beautiful! It was a free event ran by the trust where children got to learn how to read a map and enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife on offer.

In the morning Jamie had whipped up a cooked breakfast complete with some absolutely gorgeous flowers. We have both been so busy our anniversary kind of crept up on us by surprise! His efforts definitely didn't go amiss. I don't need big gestures, this simple act of kindness with the simplicity of a chilled out family breakfast is perfectly good enough for me.

Are flowers a cliche gift? I don't think so, they're traditional and bring happiness and I love to fill my home with them. I definitely feel appreciated when I'm on the receiving end of a gorgeous bunch.

This infographic from Flower Card, is perfect for helping you determine what kind of flowers are ideal depending on the time of year and/or event. I love, love, love receiving flowers, - they're the perfect gesture of thoughtfulness.

So here is to many more years of happiness and memories, thank you for being you and for choosing me to be your wife and giving me our most wonderful kiddies.

Do you love receiving flowers or are they too much of a cliche?

Mummy B xoxox

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