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Friday, 25 August 2017

Psychology of Colour

As someone who loves interiors and also as someone who feels very passionately about well-being, when I was sent some information about colour choices in the home, it really interested me how a particular colour can ignite certain feelings.

Colour can influence just about everything we do, including the way we act, even our mood can be impacted by colour. This makes choosing colour for your home a really important task – not only do you want to make sure you create the right look; you'll also want to create the right feel.

For example, did you know that using shades of purple in the living room helps to elicit feelings of relaxation and comfort? Or that featuring red in the kitchen scientifically makes us feel hungrier? In a way, I'm glad there is no red in my kitchen, my waistband definitely does not need more encouragement!

Thomas Sanderson has created a Psychology of Colour guide featuring colour choices for each room in the home, shade suggestions and handy tips to finish the look.

In our own home, we've chosen very calm colours that are also light and airy. Not much thought had gone into choosing particular colours, just more of the kind of style we were going for and then colours that complemented that style.  There are still a few rooms we'd like to re-paint and so I think I may take a little more time on choosing colours this time round.

As I'm such an outdoors lover, having some more green around the home is definitely something I want to do. When I'm in the forest, in particular, I feel such a huge sense of calm and I will immediately relax, so really it's a no brainer that this is a colour I should be using more of. It's funny, our kitchen is a sage green and it's where I feel the most relaxed,  it really does confirm the idea that green creates feelings of comfort and serenity.

I would love to hear what colours you've chosen for your home and the reasons for the colours. 

Mummy B xoxox

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