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Thursday, 28 September 2017

4 Unconventional Tribute Ideas for past loved ones

It is not easy to find the right words to eulogise a loved one, but there are endless creative and meaningful ways you can honour and remember them. These tributes can provide you with a sense of reassurance when you are feeling powerless during the difficult period of mourning. The way you choose to honour the memories of the deceased can help you find the strength to move on with those memories.

How you choose to pay a tribute to the deceased is a very personal matter and these days, there are numerous possibilities for you to honour the memory of a loved one that goes beyond the traditional graveside visits.

Here is a list of some unique ways to memorialise your loved ones so that their memory doesn’t fade away.

1. Memorial Diamonds

Memorial diamonds are gaining popularity as the cremation rate continues to rise and people are seeking new and personalised services to mark the passing of their loved ones. A memorial diamond is an artificially created diamond made from the remains of the carbon DNA extracted from a person’s ashes or hair. The natural crystal synthesis that produces memorial diamonds from ashes are replicated with increased speed in a laboratory. The process of transforming human ashes or hair into diamonds industrially has been greatly refined to create pure diamonds from the remains of a human body.

A memorial diamond is also referred to as a cremation diamond or ashes to diamond. It is a distinctive way to commemorate the memory of a loved one that has passed away and establish a family heirloom that will last for generations.

The process costs as much as well-organised funerals cost and the machinery used is similar to the ones used in a lab to make synthetic diamonds from other carbon materials. Basically, the process reduces the ash to carbon then slides it into a machine. For weeks, pressure and heat are applied. The more time you give to the process, the bigger the diamond starts to grow. After the diamond cools off, the crystal is carved into a particular shape and sometimes also engraved with laser. Only a pound of ash is needed to make a single diamond and one person’s ashes can create up to nine diamonds!

You can turn human ashes or hair to diamonds by getting in touch with a memorial diamond company. In the UK, the company LONITÉ’ is one of the leading manufacturers who can produce diamonds out of ashes for you in a matter of months (depending on the size). LONITÉ’ will be able to walk you through the process of turning ashes into diamonds and help you create a tribute that’s fitting with the family member you have lost.

2. Create a Memorial Garden

Other than providing a long-lasting tribute to your loved ones, a memorial garden serves as a place where people can remember their loved ones and find the strength to move on. These gardens offer a physical site to visit and serve as a cathartic symbol of death. The garden can be as small as a single tree or as large as an oversized garden with a variety of flowers or shrubs depending on the available space. One popular idea is to present the grieving person with a basket full of daffodils that they can plant and watch them grow in honour of their loved one. As perennials, they will come back every season and are virtually indestructible. Your memorial garden doesn’t have to be limited to flowers. You can also select plants that have specific meanings such as forget-me-nots, rosemary, poppies, yellow tulips or pink carnations. If the memorial garden is for a baby or young child, lilies as perfect as they are, will be used to symbolize innocence.

When planting a memorial garden, its best to include a mix of varieties and keep a rule of proportion in mind. Keep the taller plants at the back and smaller ones in the front. Planting trees can have a positive impact on the overall ecosystem.

Planting a tree from the ashes is a popular way to pay a tribute to a loved one. This is an emotional part of a memorial service where others can help by scattering flower petals after the planting is complete.

3. Commission a Piece of Art

An increasingly popular way of remembering your loved ones is by incorporating your loved one’s ashes into art to preserve their memories. The ashes can be used at home for all kinds of calligraphy and art projects. There was one Marvel Comics editor who had a wish to have his ashes mixed in ink and used to create a comic book in his memory. There are people who wish to be turned into a life-size sculpture after they die.

This is a unique memorial idea, especially for those who want the memories of their loved ones to last a lifetime. Skilled artists mix a proportion of the cremation ashes into paint, usually oil colours and use it to create a beautiful painting. You can either get a portrait of the deceased made or any other image associated with them based on their interests and lifestyle. Once the art piece is complete, it will be a special addition to your home and will become a cherished treasure you can pass on to the next generation.

This is a very tangible and comforting way to keep your loved ones near you after they have passed away. This type of art is becoming increasingly prevalent with numerous artists offering their expertise of using a loved one’s ashes in different mediums of art.

Whether it’s a portrait, an abstract painting or a glass blown ornament, art is a beautiful way to pay a tribute to the dear ones who are no longer among us.

4. Firework Display 

Send off your loved ones with a bang with a firework display. For some people it may sound disrespectful, but for others it is a perfect way to remember a loved one who has lived life to the fullest. You can either choose to have a small firework display at home or over a beautiful scenery. Many firework companies add a small proportion of the cremation ashes to professional fireworks and stage a memorial display for the friends and family of the deceased.

In specially modified fireworks, ashes belonging to the deceased are placed into a moulding mixture and a date and time is scheduled so that you can inform all those who want to be a part of the display. Such displays are usually accompanied by favourite songs of the deceased.

For private small displays at home, ashes are stuffed into small rockets that can be easily used without professional help. Depending on your budget and preference, you can have either a quiet event or a big colourful display. If you are worried about authenticity, most good companies provide certificates assuring that the ashes of the deceased are inside.

This is a unique and personalised way to commemorate the loss of your loved one by scattering their cremated ashes high into the sky. A spectacular display of fireworks is an unforgettable moment of reflection where you can show that your loved ones are never going to be forgotten. This way all the sadness and grief is replaced by a wonderful celebration as their journey towards closure begins. It is a wonderful way to celebrate their life with friends and family.

However, you wish to memorialise your loved ones, it should be something truly special, unique and non-traditional reflecting the beautiful life your loved one has lived.

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