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Friday, 20 October 2017

Getting your Home & Car Winter Ready

So we may be experiencing a very mild October, but the colder months are approaching and I'm sure the weather is about to take a turn. So whilst in my head I'm thinking about cosy knits, evenings curled up with my family and the exciting build up to Christmas, what I really should be thinking about is making sure we're actually ready for the colder months. Unfortunately, we learnt the hard way, you really need to do these little checks so you don't get caught out.

Turn off the outside tap

Our first winter, we learnt the hard way. Resulting in a flooded kitchen and an emergency visit from the plumber. Leaving your taps on during the very cold months can result in burst water pipes as the water freezes and expands. The best thing to do to avoid this is shutting off the outdoor tap valve. It's really simple to do and will help protect you from these types of unfortunate events.

Clear the gutters

A tedious, yet important task! Especially if you have a lot of trees and foliage surrounding your property. Debris such as leaves and mud can block the drains and once this becomes too much, can eventually lead to leaks to the roof and walls. Of course, you can pay for this to be done, but if you fancy sparing yourself the cost then it is quite simple to do. Simply use a ladder (carefully!) and use a plastic scoop to lift the debris. On the floor below, lay some tarp so that you can easily dispose of the rubbish. It's a good idea to use heavy duty gloves too.

Get your boiler checked

No one wants to be without heating on hot water during the winter months. Again, we've experienced this and its not fun. Book in a service to give you peace of mind that you'll be toasty this winter.

Check your energy prices

It's always worth looking to see if you're on the cheapest energy tariff - you could be paying more than you think.  MoneySuperMarket figures show that 51% of customers could save up to £180 on their annual energy bill by switching, though the exact amount depends on where you live and your energy consumption.

Car Checks

As well as the home, it's important to get your car winter ready. There are simple checks that you can do at home if you feel confident. Adding antifreeze to the engine coolant (should be a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze) is hugely important to avoid leaks and potential damage to the engine. It's worth remembering to top this up through the winter months as it can become diluted. Cleaning your lights and washing window wipers are other important tasks too. If you are mechanically savvy you may even want to invest in a diagnostic tool from icarsoft cr pro.

Tyre Care

Tyres should be checked for their condition. It's recommended that they're 3mm during the winter months to ensure grip during those icy drives (1.6 mm is the legal minimum). Tyre pressure checks are equally important as when it gets colder the tyre pressure drops. For example, if a tyre is inflated to 2 bar (29psi) at 20°C, for example, the pressure may only read 1.8 bar (26psi) at 0°C. If your tyre pressures are low when you check them in cold weather, re-inflate them to the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendations.

Car Service

If you're not that mechanically minded then make sure you get your car serviced. While the cold can cause lots of problems for cars, up to half of them could have been prevented by regular servicing and maintenance checks. Many garages such as Ossett Tyre House, offer winter checks for your cars. Offering expert advice on keeping your car safe this winter.

I would love to know what you do at home to get yourselves winter ready.

Mummy B xoxox

Things you need to do to your car and home during the winter months

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