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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Parquet Flooring is making a come back

Cast your mind back, who remembers the zig-zag flooring you used to find at your grandparent's house? Well, that is parquet, a French creation dating way back to the 1600’s! It is extremely recognisable due to its geometric design and is currently surging back onto the market. It is extremely popular with the traditional flooring lovers, and the current resurgence of vintage is part of the reason it’s back.

Vintage is back and is making a serious claim in not only the flooring market but the clothing market as well. The first question we’re going to answer is the obvious one, what is parquet?

Parquet is very distinctive in its design, the beautifully patterned tiles and unique geometric shapes are what give it such an ‘out there’ appearance. It can pretty much be shaped into any design that you like, and there is always something to suit the needs of every taste. It’s important before fitting you know exactly the design you want or it can look a little cluttered and chaotic.

It comes in fixed lengths and is usually best fitted in dining areas and kitchens. It had excellent longevity, and is incredibly durable so is perfect for any homes looking for a long-term solution. The installation process can be very time consuming, so it’s important to allow yourself a large enough period to install.

So why is parquet back on the up? The market is currently incredibly saturated with vintage, and a prime example of this is the sudden reappearance of vinyl, and some bands even selling tapes. It’s unsurprising that the interior market has followed this recent trend. Today’s parquet has been provided with a modern twist, but it still holds all its old-fashioned design qualities.

This truly can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially with the winter months rolling in thick and fast. We hope our guide has helped you to see the benefits of parquet, it really can add some additional character to your home.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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