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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Expert Tips on Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home

There are reasons why most people go to coffee shops, with big coffee machines and trained baristas, for a tasty cup of coffee. The flavour of your cup of coffee depends a lot on how the coffee is processed and brewed. This is also the reason why many still go to coffee shops, despite having an  espresso machine at home. 

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee. Each cup varies depending on how it is brewed. That said, you can get very close to making a superb cup of coffee at home with some simple tricks and secrets from the coffee experts.

90 Degrees

The perfect water temperature for brewing coffee is around 90-96 degrees. Any coffee lover relies on automatic kettles that can boil water to the perfect temperature every time. Unfortunately, an automatic kettle is often expensive. What if you need to make a cup of coffee without one?

There is a simple trick that works most of the time. You simply let the water boil perfectly and leave it for around 10 minutes to get the perfect temperature every time. On colder days, shorten the waiting time to around 5 to 6 minutes.

The Perfect Ratio

When brewing a cup of coffee at home, you want two teaspoons of coffee per cup. The last thing you want is a watery coffee that doesn’t really taste that good, and this ratio provides the perfect balance between flavour and viscosity.

Some prefer a thicker cup of coffee. If you want one that is thicker and more intense, you can add more coffee, but use one that has been ground to a finer grain.

Maximise Your Espresso Machine

If you happen to have an espresso machine at home, there is actually a lot you can do with it in terms of making a good cup of coffee. Switching from the water that has been sitting in the machine for a couple of days to fresh water alone can greatly alter the way your cup of coffee tastes.

You can also get better cups of coffee by skipping the automated process of the machine. Some espresso machines brew coffee too quickly using higher pressure. Manually timing the brewing process makes the cup even better.

Get the Right Tools

Brewing coffee is about finding that balance between flavour and convenience. If you want a cup of gourmet coffee without a regular visit to a nearby coffee shop, it is time to invest in good coffee-making equipment.

A high-quality milk frother, for instance, allows you to make your own cappuccino with ease. An automated frother can heat the milk to the right temperature before starting the frothing process to produce a consistent and tasty foam for your coffee.

The same can be said for the filters, coffee grinder, and even the containers you use for storing coffee beans. Using the right tools for the job will result in a much better cup of coffee that matches your personal preferences perfectly.

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