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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Thinking of Re-branding?

Run an established blog? Thinking of rebranding? Why would you do that?

For many, the risk of changing the name of something that people have grown to know and love is often a too bigger risk to take. For me, the feeling of being boxed into my current "brand" feels a little suffocating. I want to branch away from the "Mummy"  - sounds weird as this is still such a huge focus but I write about so much more than this now. 

Rebranding is such a scary leap. Would people still read? Will there be too many technical difficulties? Will it take me a long time to regain that establishment I had once before?

Eventually, you may come to the conclusion that there is now no need to hold back and it's time to take that leap. So, you research new domain names, you design new logos, you test the waters. And you make the switch – your blog (and your online identity) is something new. Something more you.

Here are some top tips from fellow bloggers who've made the leap and rebranded their blog. 

Deciding on a name

When I first set up my blog I definitely did not spend that much time thinking about the name of my blog. I was 30 weeks pregnant, with my first child, home alone, bored and fancied documenting my pregnancy. So, Mummy B was born. For anyone that is either starting a new blog or rebranding deciding on a name is hugely important. What I feel is one of the most important aspects is longevity. Something that will stand the test of time and potential future changes in content. 

Buying a domain

There are many places you can buy a domain. If you already have one, it's worth sticking with the same provider, helpful when you're setting up re-directs. Making sure you keep your old domain, you can then set up re-directs to your new address. This basically means any old links to your old address will automatically go to your new one when clicked.  Something else you should consider is your DA Score. Your DA will automatically drop to 1 when you use a new domain. It will take a few months to regain your old DA score (Thank you to Elizabeth, from The Homemakers Journal). This may be worth considering if you monetise your blog. 


Your identity is hugely important. You want a logo that readers will remember and identify you with.  Someone who is absolutely killer at this is Abby at You Baby Me Mummy, her visual branding is so identifiable to her and very recognizable. Designing your perfect logo can be a little daunting. LogoJoy has created a real, stress-free way of generating your own logo. I was recently asked to review their service and so here are a few thoughts;

The website is easy to navigate. You're first asked to select 5 logos that you like the look of. You then enter your details and select any images you think are relevant to your brand. It then goes onto generating a series of logo's based on this information. 

The logos are simple and professional, there is plenty of choices and so you're bound to find something you like. These logos can be personalised even further by changing fonts and colours etc. The site is free to use and you only pay once you're completely happy with the logo. It costs $65 for the premium option which provides you with high-resolution files, full copyright ownership and allows you to make future changes to the logo. It was much quicker than trying to design a new logo myself using Photoshop, though I think I could have come up with a similar logo if I had the time available. You can try Logojoy for free today

When creating a logo it's always worth considering how it can be used, whether it be for social media, on Pinterest Pins or even on customised t-shirts. Having a logo that's versitile is key to sucssess when re-branding.

Social Media

When rebranding your blog, your social media channels should be updated to reflect this also. Matching names to your new blog and updating your readers is essential to a smooth rebrand.

I would love to hear if you have any other tips for a smooth rebranding transition.

K Elizabeth xoxox

Rebranding your blog How To

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