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Friday, 6 April 2018

Body Confidence & Being a Mum

When I was pregnant with both my children I loved having a bump, I embraced the changes that happened to my body and was proud of what my body was doing. That feeling soon left. Engorged breasts whilst feeding to deflated bags of skin where my once perky boobs once sat. A saggy ledge sitting over my c-section scar and the extra baby weight that I just can't shift. To say I'm confident about my body would be a lie.

I would love to be two stone lighter, perkier boobs and a flat stomach and to be honest when I look in the mirror I can become very down about my appearance. I'm always determined that I will love my body and treat it the way it deserves to be treated, instead of spiralling into a pity party and eating for the sake of eating. Sound familiar? I know I'm not alone, I know we all perhaps have areas of our bodies we dislike but for me, I want to be out of that cycle of negativity and I want, no, I need to love my body. I deserve that.  

Having a lack of confidence has hit me hard this year, I hate not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I turn 30 this year and I don't know if it's because of that but my self-confidence is dwindling. However, I know that's a choice and one that I can turn around, so I'm on a mission to love myself a little more and become slightly more body confident. 

Way's to help you feel more confident


When you exercise regularly it is one of the best possible ways you can improve your body image and self esteem, have the mindset of working out because you love your body not because you hate it. As well as toning your body and keeping yourself healthy it's an instant mood lifter.

Eat well

Again, eat well because you love your body not because you hate it. I really want to improve my eating habits, I love food! But I need to eat the right stuff, I'm not into dieting but I certainly would like the food I'm putting into my body to be healthier. 

Wear great fitting underwear

Wearing underwear that fits well always makes me feel good as they're the foundation of a great looking outfit. For me, I want underwear that is comfortable, seemless is preferable. Knixwear products are incredible and are leading the way in underwear technology (yes, really!!), their underwear is seamless, have no underwires (but give incredible support), designed to keep moisture away and fast drying. If I'm wearing great underwear that doesn't dig in in all the wrong places then any outfit I throw on will always look and feel good.

Stop comparing

It's something I have done a lot of recently. Comparing myself to younger woman who hasn't been through childbirth and quite frankly look amazing. It's not right. In our insta perfect society it can be hard not to compare yourself unfavourably to the “ideals” that surround us. Instead of focusing on the things you dislike try and focus on what you do like. For me, I like my eyes so I have been treating myself to false lashes to enhance them. If you find that difficult to focus on the positive then challenge yourself, think "would I say this to a friend?" If not, then why on earth are you saying this to yourself?

Reward yourself

Pamper yourself! I love a good pamper and it really does life my mood. Book in a spa day or get a mobile beautician to pop round one evening. You don't even have to splash out, why not do your own facials at home? 

If you have any tips on how I can become more confident and love myself a little more then let me know what works for you.

K Elizabeth xoxox

body confidence as a mum

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