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Monday, 9 April 2018

Ways I use my Bullet Journal to Organise my Blog

One of the main things I love about my bullet journal is the fact I can keep track of everything in one place, appointments, memories, deadlines, anxiety, it's all in one place, on hand for when I need it. Completely personal to me. Many who are new to bullet journalling may be wondering what type of spreads (layouts) you could use and how to organise, so I thought I would create a series of posts highlighting just how I use my bullet journal and today I thought I would tackle the topic of blog organisation.

At the start of each month, I will have a monthly calendar for personal events, such as appointments, holidays birthdays etc, I don't tend to put anything to do with the blog in here unless it's an event or meeting. Opposite that page, I have a month overview of the blog. I like to keep the two together so I can have a good overview of everything that's happening.

It is a different layout to my personal calendar but that's because I found that I needed more space to write everything down. I have used this layout for the past three months and it's working well. I will tend to write down blog post titles here that have gone live, I will then highlight them according to these three things; sponsored content, a review or a personal post. I like to do this as I always want to make sure my posts are quite balanced, it pushes me to create more content. You could also highlight them according to categories, again that's another great way to track what you are putting out there on your blog.

Expenses, or more importantly income. I find keeping track of my income by using pen and paper far easier than a spreadsheet. It's quick, easy and I always have it to hand if I get a notification of payment.

I'm always thinking of new content ideas and I love to jot them all down in one place. I love having my journal to pick up when I'm feeling uninspired or needing some kind of direction. I know lot's of people will use their note section in their phones, but for me, pen to paper is always best.

On my weekly spreads of day to day activities, I will merge everything together, so personal, blog and work tasks all go onto one spread. Again, I just find it easier to have everything in one place.

I have also created a video which has more detail on just how I organise my blog, have a watch and start creating your own blog pages within your bullet journal and get yourself organised.

K Elizabeth xoxox

organise your blog using your bullet journal


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