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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Summer Sunshine with Reima

The UK has been experiencing unprecedented amounts of sunshine. The days are long, beautiful and for us, we still have two more days of school and so the holidays are yet to begin. For saying the summer has barely begun, we've already had one of the best summers from memory. So many adventures and memories made, I can't wait to keep building on these during the school holidays.

Last weekend we headed to a local beauty spot, Santon Downham and had the most gorgeous afternoon in the sunshine playing in the river. It was a definite summer hygge moment and I just felt so at peace and restful. It's a hidden gem surrounded by beautiful forest, the river is the perfect spot for the whole family. Swimming, rowing down the river and trying to catch fish or reading your perfect book, I could literally spend hours there.

Whilst of course in the UK we do experience the sunshine at times, this years I've been really hot on sun saftey and so when Reima got in touch and asked if we would like to try some of their fantastic swimwear with sun protection we had to say yes. I knew they would be used so much this year and of course for our holiday to France in August.

So suited and booted the children played happily for hours and it was just a joy to watch. I think this will become something we will do regularly over the summer holidays. I just love being by the water and it really does fill me with so much calm and happiness.

Hope you're all enjoying a sunny and lazy sunshine, you will find us by the river.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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