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Friday, 10 August 2018

Botanical Bathrooms

Inspired by nature, botanical bathrooms have become a huge interior trend for 2018. It's a trend that is not only beautiful, natural but can have some incredible health benefits. Putting an effective botanical bathroom together isn't as straightforward as it sounds, although it is by no means difficult either. There are many different looks that suit the botanical theme and I thought I would explore them today.


Whether you're refreshing an existing bathroom or are working on a project from scratch you can really achieve such a beautiful space. If you're looking for a more tropical/jungle theme then keeping your bathroom suite and walls plain make the plants the main feature. Try to introduce lots of natural textures such as cork, rattan and wool wall hangings work equally as well. Antique gold and matte finish copper also work well within this theme, using them to stylised picture frames, handles or even on taps.


Introducing a more floral theme using wallpapers or prints. Using colours such as dusky pinks really compliment plants with deep green leaves. Try to arrange plants at different heights, mismatched pots in multiple muted tomes and even hanging plants from the ceiling really help to achieve this look.


The key here is within the name, a hint of the outdoors is key. The composition should be based on two solid colours. The green from the plants paired with a cool white will give the space a light and airy feel.  Walls should free from clutter, keeping it to just one statement art print. If you'd like texture you can incorporate marble or tiling with subway tiles, perhaps even with contrasting black or grey grout.



You may be lead to believe that bathrooms are the perfect environment for plants, however, you need to choose wisely. Not all plants enjoy humidity, for example, succulents prefer drier conditions and evergreens may develop mildew in high humidity. Sunlight can also be an issue with many bathrooms not having a window at all. However, don't let this deter you. Florescent bulbs will give off light wavelengths that plants can then use.

Aloe vera is a hardy plant and useful to have around. It has properties that can relieve pain of cuts and minor burns. It likes bright and indirect light making the bathroom a perfect spot for this succulent.

Asparagus fern is another staple for the bathroom as they love the humidity. Choose a bright spot by the window and it will flourish.

Bamboo is another ideal plant but grows quickly and may need repotting.


As always it's worth doing your own research and finds what plants will work in the space that you have, this page has some great ideas for finding the perfect plants for your bathroom.

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