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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Teaching Children History

Children are naturally inquisitive. Anyone who has children will be used to being asked at least 500 questions a day! My six-year-old is particularly interested in history and learning about Kings and Queens of the past and it got me thinking about how we can encourage children to be interested in History - for it's such a vital part of UK education but also an incredible life skill to be knowledgeable about world and UK history.

Of course, history is taught from day one in a school setting but that doesn't mean it can't be introduced at a younger age. Here are a few useful tips to encourage your little ones to the amazing subject that is history.


Children love books, even from an incredibly early age, children will look in wonder at picture books and listen to tales. Some of our favourites actually are history books/based on history. One, in particular, is worth purchasing is "Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World" this book is beautifully done and explores the lives of woman such as Jane Austen, Frida Kahlo and Anne Frank to name a few. My daughter Darcie has asked to learn more about each of her woman and it's really opened up a positive dialogue about influential woman.

TV Programmes

Whether you agree with screen time or not, television can have a huge impact on out children and help to spark interests. This impact does not have to be negative and many programme encourage youngsters to be interested in History. A new show, The Hengelings uses stop-motion puppets and a large model replica of the English monument Stonehenge, to indulge a young audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and humour. Set firmly within the boundaries of the ancient monument - each narrative begins with the sun rising over the famous stones to reveal a small family of friendly stone-like creatures that inhabit the site. Each episode ends with the sun setting and the stone-textured creatures returning to bed. Supposedly not much taller than a foot in height, the Hengelings are well meaning, and playful characters serving to maintain an equilibrium of the natural world they inhabit. The underlying theme to all the stories is a positive environmental message told through the mystery of Stonehenge. You can see a trailer for the Hengelings, here.

Visiting Monuments/Museums

My kids love exploring old castles. There is something really magical about them and it helps them to really visualise life in the past. There is no better way to understand history than to experience these wonderful places.


Something that many wouldn't even consider taking (young) children to, is a gallery but in all truthfulness, it's something I really love to do. Of course, I have a huge interest in art (art teacher here) but the conversations that can be had about historical paintings are really lovely. I will find they see things that I don't even spot and come up with some amazing questions that we then have to find out the answers for. Big galleries will often run events aimed at children such as treasure trails and talks which help aid their interest and understanding. 

I would love to hear if your little ones love history or if there is anything quirky they have interests in.

K Elizabeth xoxox

Encourage your children to fall in love with History

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