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Friday 26 October 2018

Dealing with the Darker Days

It's this time of year where the days are shorter, darker and let's be honest, the weather kind of sucks. Whilst for some this does not cause an issue, many struggle to deal with these darker days which can even lead to affecting your mental health. This phenomenon even has a name, Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). So as the clocks change, you may not be thinking about that extra hour in bed, let's face it if you have kids it ain't happening anyway, instead, you may be thinking about how you can get through these next few months without getting down.

Take care of YOU

Making sure you're physically well is important, if you don't it can be even harder to take care of yourself emotionally. Make sure you get in those zzz's, eat balanced meals and try to exercise too. We all know it is the season for illness, so get your flu jab too!

Keep things bright 

Keeping your home properly lit will make you feel brighter. Daylight lamps if you're craving the natural daylight or embrace the season and use candles. This is where hygge can become hugely beneficial at this time of year, you can read all about my tips here.

Get outdoors

Getting outside is important, don't feel that because of the weather you have to stay in. Playing outside with the kids, especially during winter months, can combat obesity and depression that comes from spending too much time indoors. Exercise and sunlight together can get your blood flowing, providing organs with much-needed nutrients to give us energy, stave off those winter blues. As long as you're dressed appropriately you should be able to go outside, no matter the weather.

Plan a holiday

Having something to look forward to can really help you through the long winter months. It's this time of year that everyone is dreaming of warmer climates so why not join them and look into holidays. If the thought of these long cold months is really too much, why not take a winter sun holiday? There are plenty last minute deals to tempt you to get the most for your money.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

You may be thinking of being down due to the weather is somewhat ridiculous. Well, it's not. This form of depression can be crippling and hugely impact your life. You most certainly do not want to be suffering in silence. Seeking professional help is always the right thing to do, they will know how to best help treat it. Options that help many people include cognitive behavioural therapy, light therapy, or antidepressant medication.

How will you be keeping away those winter blues?

K Elizabeth xoxox

*Collaborative Post

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