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Wednesday 24 October 2018

How to Choose the Correct Swimwear for your Child

Whether you are taking your child down to the local swimming baths or on vacation, it is important that you choose the correct, appropriate swimwear for them to wear. It may sound like quite a simple task however swimwear can be purchased in all shapes and sizes and different types have different benefits and advantages/disadvantages. Here we have tried to think outside the box and give you some things to think about when choosing the swimwear for your child.


Whether it is a bathing suit or swimming trunks that you are purchasing for your child, the size clearly plays an important factor. The interesting thing about swimwear is that generally, it is a no refund policy therefore when you purchase it, you cannot send it back to the retailer unless it is faulty. As a result, be sure to get the correct measurements of your child and purchase the swimwear to suit. You can have a look at lots of different kids swimwear from where the sizes are all very clear and easy to comprehend. Children grow so quickly, therefore, the recommendation is not to make an assumption on what size you think your child is and actually do the measurements. In addition, you will sometimes see that the stores advertise their products by age – here you should still be able to access all the actual measurements of what that means to give you the best chance of getting that right.

Indoors / Outdoors

Depending on whether or not you intend your child to be swimming indoors or outdoors may actually influence the type of swimwear you purchase them. One of the reasons for this is the exposure to the sun. During the hours of 12pm till 3pm the sun rays are at their strongest, therefore if you have the desire for your child to be outdoors in the pool or beach during these hours then you need to take the correct precautions. Besides the obvious where you should apply effective sun cream or sunblock, you may wish to consider a full-body swimwear suit. This is available for both boys and girls and will clearly help protect the skin from direct sun rays.

Rules in the Water

You may actually find that there are some local traditions that you need to be aware of. For example, in a lot of places, children with long hair will require to wear a cap. You should do your research in advance to make sure that you have the correct swimwear in place beforehand. If you need to purchase a swimwear cap then these are incredibly cheap therefore there is nothing to worry about. Also, in some countries, neither adults or children are actually allowed to show excessive skin either for traditional or religious reasons. Advanced research is therefore crucially important to make sure that you are prepared and do not shock the locals.


You can no doubt go to a local retailer and spend a few pounds on swimwear for your child but would you be convinced that it was the best quality? Clearly, quality should not be determined by price but it is sometimes a good indicator. It is best to shop around at different material types and overall quality to make sure that whatever you purchase has longevity. You could use review websites to help support you with this and get specific recommendations on either products or retailers. Make sure that you fully comprehend the returns policy if there are issues.

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How to Choose the Correct Swimwear for your Child


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