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Saturday, 15 December 2018

5 Ways To Back Yourself Up As A Parent

Whether you are coupled up or not, parenting is hard. With two people splitting the nappies and the night feeds and the general management of children, it’s easier than one person doing it, but even a set of parents needs a helping hand every once in a while with their kids. Parenting takes a village, and there’s a reason that people say that. You need more eyes, pairs of hands and brains working together to give children the best possible upbringing. You have extra help in the form of friends and family for emotional support, too, and you rely on this support because the elders in your family and your parent friends have all done this game before.

A community of different people working together to ensure that children grow up securely, safely and happily, is better than two parents who feel they’re underwater and aren't getting enough help or support as a set. Parenting isn’t a simple thing to do and sometimes, it takes outside opinions and supports to get the children to adulthood in one piece. Parents may back themselves up with life insurance and home insurance and One Sure Insurance for contents in case their kids smash the TV, but not every parent covers themselves when they need support emotionally. Below, you’ll find five ways you can back yourself up as a parent to make your experience raising confident children much easier.

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Ask Friends For Help

This isn’t about babysitting. When friends ask you if you ever need help, to say so, DO IT! If you need a meal that you don’t have time to cook, if you need a hand cleaning up the house or garage. If you need five minutes to shower, call a friend and let them help you out.

Invest In Childcare

Not all children need nursery, but do you know how much easier it is to have a child who heads to a community nursery a couple of afternoons a week? Those afternoons give you time to get your house back in order, prepare dinner or generally get on top of feeling human. Don't discount the help a nursery can give you and the social skills your child can develop.

Batch Cook Some Meals

Take a Sunday afternoon and batch cook some meals that you can freeze and grab throughout the week. You will thank yourself when you realise you have enough meals to last you for some time!

Emergency Car Kit

Keeping a kit of blankets, torches, matches and food in the boot of the car is a necessity in the cold weather. Charge an old mobile phone and have a credit sim in there, too. This way you have a back up if you’re ever caught on the road in a storm or a breakdown.

Stocked First Aid Kit

When the kids are sick, the last thing you need is to have no medicine in the house. Put together a kit for the cupboard and enjoy the fact that you are secure if there’s a fever outbreak in the house.

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