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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Our Kitchen Refresh

We have been living in our home for just over seven years and whilst we both have itchy feet, we won't be moving for at least another three years. Since we bought our home (from new) we have slowly worked our way around the different rooms to make it our own. The kitchen was the first room we did and it's beginning to look a little tired. So I have decided that in 2019 I will do a little refresh to give the kitchen a new feel.

My Inspiration

Our current kitchen is quite rustic, with off-white cupboards, wooden worktops and sage coloured walls. I loved it when it was first done and was always my favourite room in the house. My style has definitely changed over the years and I would love to be able to adapt our current kitchen to fit my new style.

The Plan

I love how light, bright and functional these spaces are and whilst I would love to add an aluminium roof lantern to make our kitchen incredibly bright and airy, it's just not on the cards for us at the moment. Instead, I'm going to paint the walls a light grey and add white metro tiles to give it the light and airy feel it needs. I really think this will complement the kitchen we currently have and will give it a radical new look without having to spend huge amounts.

We also plan to add some shelving to create an open pantry and a place to home some new tableware. I think this can be styled to make a really great feature in any kitchen and again, is relatively inexpensive to do.

We're also going to replace our dining room table. Our kitchen and dining room are together and our current table, although it's very much loved, is just a little too big and makes the space feel awkward. We feel we would rather sacrifice the seating space for more room in the kitchen. I absolutely love this dining table set from Next. I really like the bench style tables as it gives a clutter-free look and I think it will compliment the rest of the kitchen beautifully.


Tiles £150 (for fitting also)
Paint £62
Dining room table £299
Shelves £120

I'm so looking forward to getting started, I just need to ask my Dad very nicely if he can teach me how to tile!!

Do you have any projects for 2019?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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