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Monday, 21 January 2019

Contemporary Living Room Design: It's All About Space

The living room has evolved over the years - particularly with regards to interior design. It used to be a room where you weren’t afraid to really cram lots of things together to create a cosy atmosphere. Now, the modern living room looks a lot different from previous versions. Instead of focusing on a cosy atmosphere, it’s more about maximising all the space you’ve got.

As such, bearing that in mind, how can we achieve contemporary design and make the most out of our living space? There are a few ideas, some of which are far more drastic than the rest:

Sort through your belongings and declutter the room

Sort through everything in your living room and decide whether it needs to stay or go. You’ll definitely find many things that can be thrown away or given to someone else, and this instantly gives you more space. Then, you’ll come across things that you don’t want to throw out, but don’t really need in your living room - or even your home. As this website shows, you can pay for storage solutions to keep things like this in. All the family ornaments or large stuff you don’t need can go into storage and give you all the space you need in your lounge. Decluttering your room alone will provide you with more space to play with, but you still might need to do more.

Re-organise your living room

Anyone that’s really into interior design will know how unbelievable it is when you re-organise a room. Even clearing out some old decor and purchasing some more, like neon signs by Neon Mama, can make a huge difference to your living room. By moving the furnishings around and trying out different looks, you can make a living room feel incredibly spacious. Especially when you’ve already decluttered - it’s almost like a magic trick. Yes, you still have the same things in the room, but the difference is that they’re now in more optimal places to create space.

Consider open-plan living

I mentioned some of these tips were drastic, and this is the main one. Open-plan living isn’t an option for everyone - if you live in a flat/house that you rent, then you can’t start knocking down walls. Or, if it’s merely not structurally safe, then ignore this point.

For everyone else, knocking down a wall and creating a more open living room will go a long way to creating a contemporary look. Most modern homes are built with the living and dining areas as one, and it gives you this massive room with so much space to play with. As a result, you end up with that pure and clean modern design.

At the end of the day, different people like to approach their living room in different ways. The colours, furnishings, and accessories you use might reflect a certain look. But, if you want to add a contemporary feel to this room, then the easiest thing you can do is open it up. Create more space in this area by following the points above, and it will immediately feel more modern. Then, you can stamp your own stylistic themes on it.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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