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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Travel Plans for 2019

Happy new year! I'm so thankful for 2019 to finally be here, I'm glad to have said goodbye to 2018 and I'm completely focused on making 2019 the best year yet for my family. I have been working hard to make our goals a reality for 2019 and this includes a few travel plans.

Although nothing is yet set in stone, we have two potential trips on the cards. One for just me and my husband and another (pretty big trip) family holiday. As always, it boils down to funds but we're hoping we can make it work.


Stockholm is a place I have always wanted to visit. I love everything about Scandinavia and Nordic countries and have already visited Finland and Iceland - both of which were absolutely incredible trips.  We originally thought about taking the children with us and making it our 2019 family holiday but we weighed it up and we both feel that actually a trip for just us would be more beneficial. I know lots of families who find this strange and couldn't imagine going away without their children but for us, I know how equally important it is to have time as a couple. I know in years to come they will be jetting off on the school ski trip and seeing battlefields so they won't ever go without.

Stockholm comes by its name ‘Venice of the North‘ honestly – as mentioned, it’s actually situated on 14 islands. The city’s Old Town is likely the most famous attraction in Stockholm and dates back to its founding in 1252. It's beautiful streets laced with stunning and colourful architecture, it's a place I can picture myself drinking coffee and sketching my surroundings. 

Family Holiday

Of course, we love to travel with our children also and give them incredible experiences and magical memories for our own. One trip that we want to make is to California. Now I have done California before so you may be wondering why I want to venture back. Well, my Husband's brother and his wife moved out there two and a half years ago and whilst we were all reunited this Christmas there departure seemed to hurt more than when they first left. Our children absolutely adore them and even though there are thousands of miles between them they still have the most incredible bond. 

So this year, we are toying with the idea of visiting them towards the end of the year. What makes this difficult is the cost. We all know how flights and hotel prices go sky high during the school holidays they're the only time we can go. Not because we don't want to be penalised for taking them out of school but because I'm actually a teacher by day! Which really does limit us hugely when it comes to affordable holidays. 

That being said we've done some research and have found October to be one of the cheapest times we can go. So whether it is 2019 or 2020 is yet to be decided. If you have any tips on booking cheap flights during the school holidays then please feel free to share them below. 

UK Trips?

We tend to go away in the UK too, normally just for a weekend break and that's something else we'd like to sneak in. Perhaps glamping in the Peak District with the kiddies or exploring York. 

Do you have any trips planned for 2019? I personally love reading these posts as they're great for getting lots of ideas!

K Elizabeth xoxox

*Collaborative Post


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