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Saturday 2 March 2019

My Sanctuary is my Home

My home is almost certainly become my sanctuary, its a place that is very important to me. It's where I relax, spend time with my favourite people, create and ultimately a place that allows me to just be.

To feel relaxed my home needs to be tidy. With two young children, this is certainly something that can be difficult. My son, in particular, is a literal hurricane and both Jamie and I feel like we're constantly picking up after him. I know he's only three but if I'm honest it's something that really gets to me and is so frustrating. I'm not talking a few toys either, it is huge amounts!! Whilst I’m trying to be a calm mamma I often feel I’m on the verge of erupting! If you have any tips to help encourage him to help that would be amazing! I know he can do it as well as he’s always getting helper of the day at nursery - making it even more frustrating! I think I need to buy some stickers to help encourage him.

Any way, enough of my ranting on typical mum woes - Having fallen out of love with our home a few years ago and us waiting a couple more years before we buy our next home, I decided I needed to fall back in love. I have worked hard on decluttering, decorating and creating spaces that maximise good vibes. I haven’t spent loads of money either but I have definitely fallen back in love.

One of the spaces I worked on is our hallway. I was very kindly gifted some items from Wayfair - my goodness how amazing is that site?! It’s now such a welcoming enterance, I immediately get that “ahhh” feeling when I arrive home.

I have added a Radiator cover which has made a huge difference. Before we had a side table for our phone and internet hun and it just made the space incredibly cluttered. Now it’s much more open, and clutter free. I have also framed our wedding card bag from our special day and placed a wreath. I also have finally replaced our broken Lightshade with a grey and copper detailing which really reflects the style of the rest of our homes interior. To complete this part of our home we’re looking to add a rug runner and a free standing plant too.

I’m really enjoying writing these interior posts and it’s a lovely way to document the progress too. Keep your eyes peeled for another home interior post soon!

K Elizabeth xoxo

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