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Monday, 22 April 2019

How to Choose the Perfect Duvet Set for Your Bedroom

Choosing the perfect duvet set for your bedroom is one of the more enjoyable decisions we have to make, particularly when it comes to luxury duvet sets. What colours will keep your room calm and tranquil? Which filling will avert your allergies? Let’s have a look at our top ways of making the right duvet decisions.

What colour duvet?

At Dusk, we recommend that if you are looking for a colour scheme that is stylish yet relaxing then you need to look at whites and pastel shades. These colours are more subdued and generate a more soothing effect in your bedroom, just what you need before you switch the lights out. Have a look at our white duvet set range here.

What kind of pattern should I choose on my duvet?

Along the similar lines to colour, it is advisable to opt for a pattern that isn’t too bold or overbearing. Delicate stitching and refined patterns that can be found on our Dusk favourites, the Henley bed linen collection and the Wimbledon duvet set, both examples of the kind of soft patterns that help imbue a stress-free environment.

What about texture or fabric?

It’s difficult to find anything better quality than pure 100% cotton. Whether it’s a single duvet or a super king duvet – when it is made from cotton it’s as luxurious as they come. Our range contains cotton percale and cotton sateen, the first offering a crisp and cool quality and the latter, a shiny finish. Each type is durable, breathable and very easy to maintain.

What filling is best?

When it comes to the filling inside your duvet, it is a very personal choice. A luxury duck down duvet is one of our best-selling fillings at Dusk. Made from fluffy duck down and feathers and wrapped in a cool cotton casing, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Similarly, the goose down duvet is another firm favourite. It’s made with a perfect blend of 80% pure goose down and a touch of feathers to bolster support. But for some, the Feels Like Down range is more suited to their preferences. This is a 4.5 tog duvet available in all sizes and filled with 100% Microfibre, a filling which helps keep allergies at bay.

Have a look at our full range of duvets and fillings and see which will suit you best. At Dusk, we have the full complement of luxury bedding, from duvets, pillow cases to king size duvets sets and single flat sheets, all made with beautiful 100% cotton.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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