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Saturday, 13 April 2019

K. B. Illustrations

You may have noticed on social media that I have been enjoying creating some digital illustrations since getting my IPad Pro at Christmas. Whilst I’m well used to using traditional media’s, digital art is all completely new to me. I have worked hard to teach myself the basics and have started to create some pieces that I’m really proud of.

This week I decided that I wanted to create a space to share my illustrations and instagram seemed like the logical place. So, I have created a brand new page dedicated to my doodles - @k.b.illustrations where I will showcase latest drawings and hopefully collaborations.

I will of course continue to share lots on here too. I feel my illustrations and my blog go hand in hand but it just seems logical to have an account dedicated to them. Now I need to make sure I don’t get confused when posting content onto two different accounts!

I’m also planning on creating some content on how I make my illustrations using my IPad and Procreate (an incredible drawing app specifically for Apple), so if this is something that might be interesting then please let me know.

I hope you will continue to support me and head over and follow my new page.

K Elizabeth xoxox



  1. This is great! Yes please I would love to know more this is something I’ve been looking to do x

    1. That’s great to hear! I’m unsure of the best way to do this yet, I don’t know if videos will be easier? What do you think? X

  2. Your illustrations are absolutely beautiful, so talented - can't wait to see more!

    Lucy | Forever September


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