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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Ways You Can Update Your Home With DIY

Updating your home can sometimes require the hand of a professional, but there are some updates that you can do with good old DIY skills. So if you’re looking to update your home, here are some of the ways you can do it.

Frame Some Photos

Personality is something that should be important to you in your home as you want it to reflect you and your household. There’s nothing more lackluster than a home that has no character or personality. One way that’s easy enough to give some life to your home is to frame some photos. Memories are lovely to reflect on and often enough, most printed photos get stored in an album that just ends up in a cupboard collecting dust. Best4Frames offers a wide range of different frame designs where you could put plenty of photos grouped together, perhaps from a particular holiday or moment in time.

Framed photos and art on the wall can end up adding to the decor of your home, and if you have neutral walls, then this is a way of adding a burst of colour without being too garish. They are the perfect finishing touch to a room!

Add New Lighting

Lighting can really change the vibe of a room, and where you possibly may be lacking natural light, artificial light can make a space more inviting. Spotlights are the easiest to manage when it comes to lighting but then you wouldn’t be able to use any shades or fit any other fixtures. The styles of lighting can come in all shapes and sizes from modern elegance to more rustic features. You can also play around with different shades as the patterned ones will create certain shadows on the room.

Natural light is good to incorporate where possible, and you should make a conscious effort to remove heavy curtains or blinds that stop the light shining through.

Revamp The Bathroom

The bathroom is a room in the property that gets the most usage and things like re-grouting your bathroom tiles is something that anyone can do with a bit of practice and a careful hand. Grout can often peel away from the tile or goes horribly discoloured over time. So it’s worth re-grouting your tiles every so often, and it’s a job not necessary to get professional help for. You might want to also think about fitting some mirrors in the bathroom if you haven’t already got any. The bigger the better, especially if you’ve got a household bigger than just yourself.

Colour Your Walls With Paint

Paint is a fairly cheap thing to buy, and it’s easy enough to paint onto most surfaces. Overtime walls can become scuffed, and colour can fade slightly. So it’s useful to keep a tin of paint to do touch-ups over the summer, and this can make a big difference in how clean and fresh the room looks. With paint, it’s fairly versatile, so if you’re looking to change things up a little, it’s simple to try out some bolder colours on your wall. A feature wall where only one wall is painted is great if you have a beautiful fireplace that you want to highlight. Avoid wallpaper where necessary as this can be a bit of a pain to put on but to also remove. With paint, you can simply paint it white and then it’s like a blank canvas where you can go over it with any colour. Always do a patch test of colours first before you decide as it can dry down differently to wet paint and it can also look different in another light.

Upgrade Your Door Handles

Door handles are pretty basic, right? It’s not something we’d usually consider but upgrading your door handles with something a little more unique can actually add some real character to your rooms. There’s plenty of styles that will be available, and vintage pieces tend to be the most popular, and you don’t need to stop there when it comes to door handles. Kitchen cabinet doors can often become worn down, and there’s plenty of materials to use for cabinet door handles such as brass, nickel and stainless. There’s a whole world of doorknobs and handles just waiting to be explored!

Add Some Nature

Indoor plants are just like natural light, they are a mood booster, and they also help to clean the air that you breathe in. Whether you pot individual plants or have some hanging baskets at the front or back of your home, it’s pretty easy to DIY them. The more greenery you can add the better, so maybe think about what plants would work well in each room. Taller plants work better in the bedrooms and living areas where ivy and smaller plants like this are more suited to the bathroom. If you don’t like watering plants then get ones that don’t need much care or attention. Cacti or plants like Aloe Vera need very little water to survive if any.

Refresh Your Garden Space

Your garden or outdoor space is likely to get very much attention throughout the year if you’re not a keen gardener. However, you don’t have to do much gardening to refresh your garden space. Add some levels by installing some decking or fixing in a water feature or pond. For the more adventurous, you can try working with different textures other than grass, like stones or bark. Some outdoor garden furniture will make the space more appealing and will make a great opportunity for socialising with friends and family. Even by keeping it simple it can make a huge difference, mow your lawn every so often and replant flowers or plants when they die.

With plenty of ways to DIY your own home, now’s the perfect time to do those updates to your property that you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Make one of the above your next project and get the whole household involved to make it even more fun.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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