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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

How To Find The Right Electrician

Whether you have just purchased a new home or need electrical work in your current home, taking the time to find the right electrician is extremely important. You don’t want to just use the first name that appears in your search engine. And, if you are unfamiliar with dealing with electricity, this is a DIY Project that you will want to avoid!

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The worst thing that you can do is find the cheapest electrician and end up with more electrical problems down the line than what you started with. There are some key characteristics that you will want to make sure your electrician has before deciding who you will be making the check out to.

Let’s take a look at some strategies you can integrate into your search as you find the best electrician around!

Specific Services

Not every electrician is equipped to work on the type of electrical problem you may have. When you are checking out different websites, be sure to click on the “services” option to see exactly what they specialize in. Any reliable electrician will have a list of services that they perform. If they don’t, move on to the next website.

Feel free to ask directly what experience they have with the type of work you need done. If they sound hesitant as to their experience, they probably don’t have as much as they say. You want to feel comfortable with who is doing the electrical work in your home because if done incorrectly, severe hazards could result. And, you never realize how impactful electricity is until you don’t have it anymore.

Check Their Licensing

When completing an online search, you should have access to the licenses and insurances that they currently hold. It is important that they have both liability and homeowner’s insurance. This is for your protection, so you don’t get sued if someone gets hurt on the job.

If you hire an unlicensed electrician, there is a good chance you are going to have poor quality worked performed at your house as well as taken advantage of financially. Dealing with electricity is something you don’t want to take lightly, so checking out their credentials ahead of time should help to ease your concerns.

Online Reviews

You will most definitely want to check out any and all online reviews on potential electricians. People are very honest with their opinions online, so you will undoubtedly be alerted if someone wasn’t up to par with their work. If people took the time, good or bad, to write a review, that should tell you a lot about the electrician. If you don’t see any recommendations or reviews listed, give the company a call and ask them if they have any references.

It is also good to ask people that you know and trust if they have used an electrician before. Knowing someone who had experience with someone can give you a firsthand recap of the experience they had. Facebook also offers the opportunity to ask for suggestions about these kinds of things. You will be amazed at how many responses you will get!

More Bang for Your Buck

As stated above, when you talk to an electrician, make sure that you are very specific about what you need done. That will help to determine the accurate pricing that you could be looking at. It is in your best interest to get 3-5 quotes to see how similar they fall. Be sure that you are provided with a full breakdown of the costs as this will aid in seeing how accurate the comparisons are.

Money alone should not be the determining factor. Undoubtedly, it will have a big impact depending on your budget, but you need to consider the electrician as a whole rather than just their cost. Paying for the cheapest electrician could work out in your favor, but most likely you will get what you pay for. This doesn’t mean you find the most overpriced electrician either. Therefore, making the decision to shop around for quotes can help you make the best decision possible.

Communication Skills

Another important quality to look for in an electrician is their ability to communicate with you. If they are not able to answer your questions right away or take a long time in returning communication back to you, this should symbol a red flag that you need to look elsewhere.

In your discussions with the electrician, you should be asking about any warranties that they may offer. Find out how long they can guarantee that their work will function at the highest level before any potential problems could happen again. This should demonstrate the confidence they have in their work.

You should be able to spot their professionalism from your first conversation. Having someone who is pleasant to deal with and answers all your questions without sounding annoyed should play a huge factor in deciding who to hire. If they take pride in their work, they will take pride in their appearance, punctuality, and attitude.

Complete your Homework

HomeAdvisor offers a very detailed guide to hiring an electrician. They discuss the typical types of electrical work that is needed as well as what to expect in terms of pricing. They provide a checklist that you should go through before making your final decision. As with any project, you will get what you pay for, but there are plenty of top notch electricians out there that are not going to rob you.

It will take just a little bit of work on your side to be fully satisfied with your electrician. Ultimately, you will have the right feel when you have landed on the right fit!

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