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Friday, 25 October 2019

Let’s Talk About Hair

Now I’m over 30, 31 to be exact my hair is something that is seemingly taking more looking after. I have always been blessed with fast growing, non-frizzy and quite thick hair but more recently I have noticed it is becoming quite corse and loosing it’s oomph.

So what have I been trying to give my hair a little more life?

Stop washing it daily - I used to religiously wash my hair daily for fear of looking like a grease monster and it wasn’t until I had my first daughter and I was on maternity to leave that I stopped washing it every day (who even has time for that with a new born?) and I saw how much better my hair was for not washing it daily.

Lock in moisture - Just like your skin your hair needs moisturising and conditioner alone sometimes just isn’t enough. Using a good hair mask once a week can help to keep your locks conditioned and looking their best.

Illustration by me.

Add fibres - If you’ve fallen victim to postpartum hairloss you will know just how frustrating it is. For me I have lost a lot of hair around my hairline and I’m thinking about trying Nanogen's hair thickening fibres to cover any sparse areas that are showing and also adds volume!

Use less heat - I have ditched my hair dryer and opted to let my hair naturally dry overnight (wrapped in a micro fibre hair towel), I still use heat aided tools like my straightens to add curls - but because I’m not washing my hair every day I only need to use it once a week and my curls keep.

Hair Oils - This is something I never touched in my late teens & early twenties as I was convinced it would just making my hair even greasier. Well how wrong could I be?! I recently started apply oil to the ends of my hair and it really does take away that dry texture, making my hair look and feel healthy.

I would love to hear your tips to keeping your hair in top tip condition.

K Elizabeth xoxox

*Collaborative Post


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