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Monday, 4 November 2019

Decorate Your Small Home Like a Pro

Living in a small environment can be tricky unless you know how to make the space work for you. With the right interior décor and storage solutions, you can turn your small home into a relaxing and surprisingly spacious place to live.

Start with neutral colours

Darker walls or busy wallpapers will immediately make a room feel smaller. Instead, choose white or an alternative neutral colour as your base. While you can always add touches of bold colour throughout your home, the neutral base will create the illusion of space from the get-go.

Find storage solutions

Living in a studio, small flat or starter house means you’ll need to find effective storage solutions. Whether you want to treasure keepsakes from your past or find somewhere to keep your day-to-day items, it’s important to find the best way to store them.

Fortunately, there are a range of innovative storage options out there. To maximise the storage space available, opt for innovative options, such as hidden floorboards or hollow headboards.

Choose the right furniture

However small your living space is, you’ll still want somewhere you can sit comfortably. When selecting furniture, it’s important to consider the impact it will have on your space, not just the décor.

Cumbersome Chesterfield sofas or luxury recliners might look great in a large drawing room but they’re going to be far too big in a smaller sitting area. Instead, find multipurpose alternatives which will complement your décor too. Small sofa beds are great for studios, for example, and give you ample seating space. Similarly, beds with a pull-out mattress double the sleeping space available, without becoming the focal point of a room.

Use lightweight furnishings

If minimalism isn’t your thing, you’ll want to enhance your home with accessories. When choosing vases, photo frames or sculptures, be aware of the material. Accessories made from acrylic, glass, plexiglass or even plastic will create a stunning effect but won’t be too imposing.

Similarly, stone and natural materials will enhance the room, without becoming too heavy on the eye. Choosing one decorative focal point can be advantageous in smaller living environments, as they prevent the room from becoming overcrowded, chaotic or haphazard.

Think vertically

If you’re furnishing small rooms, using the vertical space is paramount to success. Anything which appears to increase the height of the walls which create the illusion of space. This means choosing furniture which is tall and narrow, rather than wide and short. Similarly, opt for vertical artwork and floor-length curtains, as these will help to add the feeling of extra height. Check out this blog for some other exciting ideas you can do with your home

Living in a small space

When you’re living in a studio or small home, being organised can help to keep your living areas free from clutter. With the right amount of storage, you can find a home for everything and create a calm, relaxing space to enjoy. Whether you’re decorating a smaller bedroom or furnishing a studio apartment, these tips will help to you to enhance the space available.

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