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Saturday, 25 January 2020

Monthly Check In | January | 2020

Feeling like it's day 282 of January? Yes, me too. For this month has seemingly dragged so much so I have no idea what the actual date is or indeed what I have even achieved this month. I started the year feeling positive and fairly carefree, whereas now I'm feeling pretty miserable - and it ain't no January blues but we will get to that in a moment.

Something I wanted to do for 2020 was get back to my “roots” with blogging - going back to that diary format that I have slightly drifted away from in recent years. I love that I get to write about all sorts of things on here, exploring my passions and working with some great brands. However, I have missed that kind of brain/memory dump (perhaps that’s the wrong word!) that my blog used to be and recently I went back and read some of my earlier posts and loved looking back at different points in my life. I want to get that back. So, each month I’m going to write a little “check-in” - a place where I can spill all my thoughts, special moments and woes!

So, here we go...

How Are You?

For the past month, I have been slightly under the weather, but unbeknown to me I have actually been fighting a pretty nasty infection which I'm now paying the price for. Having been off work for almost a week and being signed off for further week, I'm in a feeling sorry for myself mood, which for me, is not a good thing.

If you've been around for a while you will know that I have suffered with anxiety in the past and though I'm not being treated for this anymore, those feelings have all come back this week. Being ill, unfit for work - is making me feel insignificant, unworthy and a burden. How ridiculous is that? Rational me knows I'm being nonsensical. I'm poorly and that can't be helped. But anxious me keeps rearing her head and the guilt of being ill (ok this totally sounds ridiculous as I'm writing this) is really playing on my mind. Have you ever experienced this? Am I going completely crazy?!

Anything New?

In other news, this month I have been taking still life drawing lessons ran by the incredibly talented Lisa Henshall at The Old Harness makers and they have been so much fun. Taking me right back to basics with drawing, polishing my technique and having lots of fun along the way. If you have never had a go at life drawing, you totally should! For some, the idea of drawing someone in their birthday suit may seem daunting, awkward or even uncomfortable - but actually its not like that at all. In fact its completely inspiring - total respect to those still life models. What I have loved the most though, is the sense of calm, relaxation that these evenings have brought and I have been absolutely gutted that I haven’t been able to attend this week - I’m really hoping I will be there for the next!

Family Life?

Family life this month has all been about going back to routine. Back to school/nursery and back to hockey and theatre school for Darcie.  Because I have been so unwell the past month, we haven’t done too much in terms of venturing out and about and that’s making me have cabin fever like you wouldn’t believe! We have had some good days out at the start of the month, like Sutton Hoo and Balham Zoo but other than that nothing exciting to report.

What Have You Been Loving?

Well as I have been bed bound for most of January, I’m pretty thankful for the likes of Netflix, Now TV and Amazing Prime!! Having a binge in between sleep is making being in bed bearable. I have been re-watching Vikings, that programme is just so incredibly well done and everything about it I love, from the storyline, characters to the sets and costumes (anyone else love the shield maidens hair?!) - if you haven’t already given this one ago, put it on your watchlist, you wont be disappointed.

I have also got back into doing my own gel nails. My nails are quite sensitive to gels and I can have allergic reactions to some brands, however I have recently discover 2am London gel polishes and they’re free from nasties and vegan friendly! I’m going to do full post on this, because when I was researching this brand there was literally nothing out there, so watch this space if this is something you’re into.

Lastly, how are you? What have you been up to this month?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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