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Monday, 24 February 2020

10 Activities to Keep the Whole Family Happy on Rainy Days

As I’m sat writing this post the weather is absolutely dismal, so what better way to get out of this funk than writing about all the fun that can be had on those days that can potentially be miserable. As a mum of two, one who is now 8 and also a teacher to teens - I know you’re in a losing battle when children become bored. The only time my two will bicker is when they’re just that, bored.

So here are 10 things to keep you busy on those rainy days;

#1 Cardboard Box Fun

As a blogger I’m quite often hoarding a lot of cardboard boxes and if you like a cheeky Amazon delivery, it’s probably very likely you have your own stash too! Card boxes are incredibly underrated for us adults but give a child a cardboard box and it is instantly transformed into something else, be it a car, a canvas for their own art or even a whole town - give them the space to do just that and they will be amused for hours.

#2 Subscription Box

My Children love to craft, right from when they were babies and as an art teacher this makes me pretty happy! Coming up with new ideas can get a little tricky at times, especially if this is your go to activity (come train or shine) so using a subscription service such as Sago Mini takes this problem away. Each unique box includes a Sago Mini collectible figurine and a set of kid-friendly activities that explore fun themes from road trips and oceans to pets and tools. Sago Mini Box is also packed with amazing play-based learning opportunities - aimed at 3-5 year olds this is sure to be a hit! You can find out more over at

#3 Movies & Popcorn

Everyone loves to snuggle up at watch a movie, grab your pj’s, grab the popcorn and get stuck in. Only problem is deciding what to watch! Or why not give this a go...

#4 Drive Through Hot Chocolates & Movies

Something we did more recently was drive, in our pjs(!) to a local drive through and order hot chocolates and apple pie (go on,  have a guess where we were!!), we then parked up, popped on the iPad and stuck a short movie on. The kids thought it was such a treat in the rain and loved the fact that we went “out” in our pjs!

#5 Boardgames & Puzzles

This is what they’re made for!! I’m loving that my children are now of the age where we can play proper board games, Jenna & Mouse Trap are a big hit in our house. Puzzles are also a great activity, especially to do together. My son, Henry (4) loves puzzles and he will quite often help do ones designed for adults, he’s probably better at it than me! You can pick up puzzles from charity shops, and is a really in expensive activity to do. Once your done, donate them back.

#6 Lego Stop-Motion Movie

Lego is a classic rainy day activity and something my son plays with every single day but something we both would love to try and plan on doing soon is a Lego stop-motion movie. I think this is a great activity for slightly older children, teaching them photography and filming techniques (which can easily be picked up online) coming up with creative story lines and having an end product that you can all be really proud of.

#7 Baking

Baking should never be underrated its never been an activity that has been turned down by the children and each time we challenge ourselves to do something new or a harder recipe.

#8 Puddle Jumping

Rainy days doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Put your rain gear on and get outside! Whether its puddle jumping, going for a walk or rainy day treasure hunt - the weather shouldn’t stop the fun and lets face it, it can actually make for even more fun! Just make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

#9 Yoga Kids

Yoga is becoming something we love in our home and I’m not just talking from my point of view. The children discovered the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel about two years ago and it makes a regular occurrence on our screens. This fun channel introduces children to yoga through popular stories, making for fun and engaging yoga sessions. They have started to join in my own sessions as they already recognise many of the moves.

#10 Race Track out of Masking Tape

And last but certainly not least, Henrys favourite past time - his racing cars! He could play all day every day with his cars and he absolutely loves it when I get the masking tape out as he knows this means we will be designing a race track or town. Using masking tape ensures nothing gets damaged, we can place it anywhere stress free.

What are your favourite rainy day activities?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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