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Monday, 23 March 2020

Free Printable's & Resources for Home Education

This is the first post I have written since we’ve entered these strange times and it has really taken its grip on the lives of the people of the UK. As both my husband and I are classed as key workers we have been extremely busy and the blog has had to take a backseat and probably will throughout this. This last week has truly been horrid. Saying goodbye to my students, not knowing when I would be seeing them was hard. Delivering food to those who are vulnerable, even harder. Something else that has been playing on my own mind, and selfishly so, is the fact that my husband is a type one diabetic, at risk. But he is still required to do his role. Front line. It feels like we’re being sent to war and I’m completely terrified of the end result. That being said, we all have our roles and as a Teacher I thought I would share with you free printable’s and resources that might come in handy if you’re having to home school your children.

School resource websites

Twinkl - Traditionally this website requires a monthly/yearly subscription but through this epidemic Twinkl announced that they have made their resources free for this period. They have specifically designed resource packs for this and cover from Early Years right through to KS4. This is absolutely the best starting point if you’re Ned to home learning. Many of the resources come with suggested instructions and is a sure way to get yourselves up and running.

TTS - They have created specific home learning packs for Early Years, KS1 & KS2. These are completely free to download.

BBC Bitesize - Remember them? I used them when I was revising for my own GCSE’s! BBC Bitesize is filled with resources for those aged 3-16+ (it’s not just for those who are revising). They also have activities to help stop boredom, improve wellbeing and also they have their own dedicated app which you and your child can download and use.

Home Education UK - This site is fantastic if you’re looking for a specific site for a specific topic. Loved by those who Home Educate, it is full of helpful hints and tips.

DuoLingo - Want to learn a new language? What a great to time introduce this to your children. DuoLingo is a free site (and app) which can help you get started.


Free Writing Printable’s - I have a dedicated post to this which you can read HERE. It is full of free resources that you can use (and is proving quite popular at the moment). 

I also have some free handwriting paper which I whipped up for you - you can save the image and simply print. 

Maths Printable’s - On the Mathsisfun website they have lots of free printable’s which cover a range of abilities.

Pinterest is also great for sourcing free printable's.

I hope this kick starts your journey to home school during this tricky period. I will try and update as much as I can and share any useful sources that I may stumble across. If you have your own hints and tips, feel free to pop them in the comments below.

Keep Safe

K Elizabeth xoxox


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