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Thursday 3 September 2020

Preparing Your Home For Every Season

Every season brings with it something beautiful. New joys to experience. Like the heat of summer, the golden leaves of fall. The crisp coolness and sparkly white of winter and the beautiful colours and buzz of spring. But how can you get your home ready for the changes.

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You’ve been cosying up by the fire with hot coco all winter, but as it starts to get warmer your home may need some attention. The phrase ‘spring cleaning’ came from somewhere. Use this time to de-clutter anything you’ve been hoarding over winter. Clean your windows and carpets and check your roof for any damage.


As it really starts to warm up, consider putting shades up at the windows. If it’s super hot check out accidentalhipstermum for tips on how to survive a heatwave. Repair your deck or patio and get the bbq serviced. Summer Is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining.


Fall is beautiful, the colours of the changing leaves and the crunch under foot. The pumpkin spiced lattes. Pulling scarfs up around your neck, it’s just beautiful. But it can be windy. Prepare your home by cleaning your gutters of any fallen leaves. You may wish to use a professional company for this, for instance, Gutter Cleaning Knoxville if in your area. You can also check your furnace and store your patio furniture.

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The coldest season but the cosiest! Curl up by the fire with a good book and settle in. But not before you’ve checked for leaks and drafts. It’s a good idea to clean your vents and chimney and of course get your winter gear and decor ready.

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