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Tuesday 24 November 2020

Special Days You Can Celebrate for the First 5 Months of Every Year

After the big holiday celebrations of December, it’s easy to feel the blues creeping in. As you head into January, it’s easy to lose track of all the great reasons you might have to celebrate with parties and gifts for friends and loved ones. Sure, you might have an upcoming birthday in mind, but what if you want to make sure that you have something amazing to enjoy every month?

The good news is that there are tons of great reasons to celebrate out there and has some great gift ideas to get you started. To help you plan your year in style, we’ve created this list of the top events to celebrate in the first five months of the year. 

  Let’s get started.

What to Celebrate in January

January’s biggest celebration day might be New Year’s Day, but don’t let the first be your last excuse to throw a party. Burns Night is a typical celebration day in January throughout the UK. You also have National Storytelling week, which starts at the end of January and carries on through to February. You’re sure to find some events and parties going on at local libraries and book stores if you know where to look.

Other amazing days to celebrate in January include Appreciate a Dragon day – which could be a great option if you have a strong British heritage, or Trivia day, where you ask your friends to get together for a pub quiz one night. Why not?

Days to Celebrate in February

Ask someone to think of five days’ worth celebrating in February, and they’ll probably run out of ideas after hitting “Valentine’s Day”. This is a great month to focus on love, but there are lots of other reasons to let your fun side show too. For instance, there’s national Hedgehog day, on February second, if you have a fondness for these prickly creatures.

Other options include World Cancer day, where you can do something to give back to the people who are doing their best to stop cancer as quickly as possible. How about National Marriage week, too, where you can celebrate your spouse with a whole week of gifts and special experiences between the 7th and the 14th?

Events to Celebrate in March

March is yet another great month full of potential reasons to let your hair down. If you’re feeling like a party animal still, then consider doing something with the kids for World Book Day. Maybe you could even throw a party where everyone turns up as their favourite book character, and you can even give books as gifts.

March is also National Bed Month, so why not treat yourself to some new linens and gifts for the bedroom. Or if you’re looking for a good reason to eat more vegetables, celebrate national veggie month with some more veg-based recipes at home. Other great reasons to celebrate include Brain Awareness Week, where you could bring your friends together to celebrate the beauty of all things brainy.

Days to Celebrate in April

April is the National Autism Awareness Month for Britain, and it’s a great excuse to host a coffee morning and raise some funds if you can. There’s also April Fools day if you feel like getting a little wild with your loved ones and spending some cash on pranks. Other fantastic days to celebrate in April include St George’s Day, on the 23rd, where you can remember the ancient tales of your British heritage and hang UK themed decorations.

There’s also the all-important Earth Day in April, which is definitely a cause for celebration if you want to give something back to the environment. Maybe you could host a green party where you eat all organic foods and have recyclable decorations?

What to Celebrate in May

The start of sunnier weather is a good enough reason for most people to celebrate throughout the UK in May, but you’ll also find some great national holidays around this month too. May Day is a good start, which often comes with its own bank holiday. There’s also Local Community History Month, which is an excuse to pull your neighbors together for a party and get to know them a little better if you haven’t done so already.

World Asthma Day is another cause for celebration and raising awareness of an important condition. Or you can just have some fun with National Doughnuts Week, and invite your pals to a celebration of all flavours of doughnuts! 

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