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Monday 25 January 2021

Setting Up the Perfect Home Office

What makes the perfect home office? There are lots of conflicting thoughts on the subject so here is a breakdown of the must-haves and the would-be-nices for anyone thinking of the best way to set up their home office.

Who will be using it?

This question is key. Is the home office for one person or more? Will it be for a teenager embarking on exams or for an adult working from home? Maybe it’s for the whole family?

First things first

Where should I set my office up? This is a problem if you have a small house – not so much of a problem if you have a spare bedroom or rarely used dining room though.

For anyone short on space, you might need to think creatively. A home office does not need an entire room. If you don’t have space, look around for unused corners of your home.

What about that area under the stairs? That could be a perfect place to set up – nobody’s going to try to sit beside you and watch television for starters! Other areas could even include large cupboard spaces. You can remove the door and create a sort of ‘pod’ with a desk and enough space to sit.

Teenagers are usually happy with a desk in the corner of their room. Ensure that they keep it tidy though! No use letting other items spill into their work area. Disorganised home offices don’t tend to be productive!

What furniture do you need in a home office?

A desk of the right height plus a comfortable chair are the two main components of a good home office. It’s all very well working from a kitchen chair on an old table but it won’t be suitable if you have to spend hours there. You’ll soon find that your back begins to suffer!

A sit-stand desk is another option. These are designed to allow you to stand comfortably, which for some people puts less strain on the body. If you are unsure where to go for your office furniture, you might want to give a try. They have lots of options for very affordable prices.

What about tech?

You will obviously need a PC or laptop. You might have your own preference here but in general, a sturdy PC is a good choice because there’s no risk of people removing it from the area.

Laptops can be easily picked up and taken away for movie-watching. This could be good for teens – but make sure they don’t watch movies when they should be studying!

A good quality office printer can be invaluable if you’re working from home. There may be documents to sign and send so make your life easier and get a printer/scanner.

Little extras

These are the things which you don’t really need but which make life more comfortable. An Anglepoise lamp is a good idea if you’re likely to work late or if the room you’re in does not have good lighting.

A waste paper basket and some files to organise your paperwork are another good idea.

A warm rug under your chair is great in wintertime and adds an extra cosy feel to your home office.

Remember, your home office is a workspace, but you can still decorate it to your taste! Choose some calm and restful prints to add to the walls and plants are not only cheerful but will also improve air quality.

A small fridge and a tea and coffee station with a kettle will save you from leaving the office to go to the kitchen which can result in distractions!

K Elizabeth xoxox

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