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Wednesday 3 February 2021

Increasing Your Home’s Value – 5 Proven Tips

Parting with your home is difficult, and you deserve to get the highest financial compensation possible. Forget about negotiating for the best price in the market – you need to find a way of increasing its value. Fortunately, many factors count in determining a house’s value – and improving on these factors will give your home a bigger price tag.

Here are five tips to increase your house’s overall value:

1. Make It Visually Appealing

You get one chance to make a first impression, and buyers will make assumptions about everything your house has to offer from one glance. A home that looks impressive will be attractive to many potential buyers. In contrast, a visually unappealing home will mostly attract buyers who are willing to forego comfort to save some money.

As such, make your home visually attractive on the outside – and don’t forget to make the inside flawless, too. Fix the roof, give it a fresh paint job, manicure the lawns, and generally make it so appealing that it sells itself.

2. Make It Bigger

Space and size are two of the biggest factors determining a house’s value. More space will fetch you a higher price, ideally. To this end, you can considerably raise your house’s value by building extensions to add more room.

Be creative with your house extensions to make them spacious and practical – for example, extending the kitchen or living room makes more sense than adding a storage or study room. Additionally, mind the house extension costs so that you don’t spend more than you hope to gain.

3. Improve Its Energy Efficiency


The average household pays about $1,400 on energy bills. It is unfortunate, especially considering all the available opportunities for reducing your home’s energy consumption rates. For example, you can save on heating and cooling costs by using natural temperature control methods such as insulation. You can also save on the HVAC by installing a smart thermostat.

There are lots of cheap and easy ways to make your house more energy-efficient. You will save some money on your current energy bills and contribute to a greener future.

4. Make It Smarter

A smart home is more convenient and comfortable than an ordinary one. For example, a smart lock will automatically lock when you leave and unlock when you get back. Additionally, a smart security system will enable you to let guests inside your house when you are not present and send notifications on real-time developments, such as a burglary.

Making your home smart is easy and affordable, and you can do it in phases by buying the necessary gadgets one at a time. It will also be a big booster for your house’s current market value.

5. Ease the Burden of Maintenance

No one wants to move into a new house and start replacing the floors and patching up the roof. They expect everything to be in proper working condition, and they will use any maintenance issues as leverage when negotiating. As such, make sure that everything is working properly before giving any potential buyers a tour of the house.
Final Thoughts

You can make thousands of dollars on your house simply by touching it up to look and function better. These five tips work every time, and they will be easy for you to implement.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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