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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

I Tried Beauty Pie's 30 Day Free Trial

 Today I thought I would share with you a little skincare and beauty content. It's not something I have written about in a long time, though I do tend to share the ramblings of my latest buys over on my Instagram stories, as it is something I'm quite passionate about - especially as I am growing older and my skin is changing. Instagram is where I discovered Beauty Pie and I saw a number of my favourite accounts sharing their latest buys and from there I became very drawn to the brand. 

What is Beauty Pie?

Beauty Pie was founded by Marcia Kilgore (who also funded brands such as Soap & Glory & FitFlop) and is an online-only brand that cuts out all of the overhead costs or celeb ad campaigns that tend to hoist up the price of most beauty and skincare brands. A great example of the massive savings you can take is with a hot favourite, retinol. This well-known ingredient is well sought after when it comes to rejuvenating skin, but it often comes with a triple-figure price tag. Beauty Pies Super Retinol Serum, which is made in the same Swiss lab as many of the worlds biggest brands, costs just £15.05 for members (The typical price is £80) and the formula is just incredible! I'm already seeing results in just one week of use.  What you will notice is how I said members price. In order to benefit from these incredible prices, you must become a member - which, at £59 per year (or £15 per month), always put me off giving the brand a go.

However, I recently saw an AD offering the chance to try Beauty Pie for a month for free and my curiosity got the better of me and I signed up (with the intention of cancelling before I would have to pay the yearly fee). For my first order I purchased;

Super Retinol Serum - members price £15.05 (Typical Price £80)

Superluminous Undereye Genius (colour corrector) - Members price £8.93 (Typical Price £20)

Perfect Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette - Members price £11.02 (Typical Price £35)

Super Healthy Hair Coconut Water Heat Shield Blow Dry Spray - Members Price £4.42 (Typical Price £15)

Total price - £37.82 (Typical price total - £150) Savings made = £112.18

My Initial Thoughts

I have tried lots of beauty brands over the years and I have always been of the opinion that most of them are over-priced and if you look carefully, you can find top-notch ingredients for half the price of high-end competitors. This past year I have been using mostly Tropic & The Ordinary - both of which I love, though I do dislike buying from Tropic as I hate MLM schemes.  Beauty Pie has really lived up to my expectations, so much so I won't be cancelling and will be paying for the full yearly membership. 

What I like about it

The packaging - though "stripped back" is gorgeous and looks very pleasing on my dressing table and in the bathroom.  I love how it was packaged on delivery - very insta friendly! Talking about delivery... it was super quick!

The formulas? Everything that I purchased is now firm favourites. There is not one product that I disliked or fell below expectations and each one I will definitely be rebuying. 

I think, even with the membership fee, these products are of incredible value. Good ingredients are not cheap, but I think the brand definitely highlights how much companies spend on marketing because these products all, 100% are in the league as their high-end competitors. 

What did I dislike?

I'm really struggling to give any negatives. I think some may say that the membership fee is too high, but I previously was spending over £100 on Glossybox subscription a year and many products have been left unused as they were just not suitable for me and I really hate the thought of wasting products. With this concept, I'm able to pick and choose what I buy and I think, for me, who already spends quite a lot on beauty and skincare, is a very economical way of shopping. The only actual negative I perhaps could mention was that at the time I placed my initial order one product I wanted to buy was out of stock (though is now back in stock... quick take my money!!) and I have noticed a couple of other items out of stock. However, with the current climate, I think this is quite normal, so I'm not overly put off by this. 

As you can see, I was really happy with my experience with Beauty Pie and they have me completely hooked. If you would like to try Beauty Pie for yourself use this link where you will get £10 off your first order (as will I - this is their usual refer a friend scheme and I have not been asked to write this post nor am I affiliated with them in any way).

K Elizabeth xoxox


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