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Thursday 9 December 2021

Top Tips to Help You Grow Your Business

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Once you have started your own business and have been up and running for a while, it might be time to level up your game and grow your business to new heights. Scaling a business can seem overwhelming at first, but with the right knowledge, tools and strategies, you’ll be able to grow with ease. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some top tips.

#1 Write out your goals

You cannot grow if you don’t know what you want for your business. The first and most important thing you should do to grow your business is to write out, in detail, what your goals are and exactly where you want to be. This includes the number of clients, staff, sales and revenue you would like to hit. The decisions you make as a larger business will be much different to the ones you are making, which is why this step is vital.

Once you know your end goal, you should then reverse engineer it and turn it into a strategy. What actions do you need to take to hit those goals? What decisions need to be made? What do you need to invest in? What milestones can you measure along the way to ensure you are on track? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you prepare for growth.

#2 Competitor analysis

You should conduct a competitor analysis. This is not to copy them, but to gain insights, inspiration and lessons. You can see what they are doing, what is working well for them, and what gaps they are leaving in the market. You can also see how many staff members they have, how much inventory they are selling, and in general, what business model they are working from. This can help you tremendously and get ahead of the game.

#3 Make sure your business can handle the growth

It’s all well and good growing your business, but if your business infrastructure is not ready for growth, then you may just find your growth failing. As you begin to grow your business, things will start to come out of the cracks and weaknesses will be exposed. It is therefore important, while in the strategy stages, that you anticipate where you will need to make changes. This can be anything from your internal processes, the number of staff that you have, your supply chain, your cash flow, your IT systems, and your servers. You may need to make initial investments to upgrade parts of your business to handle the growth, for example, outsource tasks or hire more staff, switch from a shared hosted server to a VPS, hire a dedicated IT specialist, change aspects of your supply chain, upgrade your customer relationship management (CRM) technology, and much more. Some of these can be made as you grow, whereas there will be some that need to be in place before you grow. 

#4 Work Out The Finance Side

We touched briefly on the fact that it’s going to cost a fair chunk of money to make the upgrade to grow your business. It’s important that you sit down and work out exactly how much it’s going to cost so that you can find this money, and set it aside so that you know what it’s for. Make sure that you are accounting for everything that you need, and get accurate quotes from suppliers for things like acrylic sheets or other supplies to ensure you have the right amount.

You want to be able to grow your business without breaking the bank where possible, and the only way to do this is to plan well.


If building and growing a business from scratch sounds daunting to you, we recommend you consider buying an already-established business for sale in the UK. This way, you can trade under an already established and trusted brand name in your local community, allowing you to get customers through the door as soon as possible.

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