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Sunday, 3 April 2022

4 Ways to Deal with Emergencies while Traveling in the UK

Who wouldn’t love spending every moment of their lives wandering around and exploring the world?

Well, maybe someone who suffers from anxiety or uncontrollable stress. Besides all the great adventures, the sweet memories and the knowledge avid travelers acquire, traveling is a process that requires a lot of planning beforehand (booking tickets, accommodation, saving money for the trip) and still too many things can go wrong both before and during the trip.

We are pretty sure, however, that the benefits of traveling outweigh any drawbacks, and this is why we have written this article. Here, we prepare visitors to the UK how to deal with 4 possible emergencies during their trip in the country. Just stay calm and keep reading!

Emergency 1: There is something wrong with your eyes

Although everyone should have regular medical check-ups, most people do not ensure that they are fit to travel before their trip. The amount of people who abide by doctors’ advice on getting eye exams at least once every two years – it depends on your age – is even lower. However, it is not unusual for travelers to experience eye problems which get so irritating or worrying that they ruin their whole trip. Booking an appointment with an experienced optician on in the UK so that he or she can take the pain and the worry away until you return back home and discuss your eye issues with your own doctor is the way to go.

Emergency 2: Someone stole your cell phone or wallet

Before you get all upset, you should go back to all the places you’ve been to on that day and look for the missing object. It is very possible that it might have fallen from your pocket or that you might have forgotten it. There are many good people out there who would keep it safe until you come back asking for it. In case your precious item falls in the wrong hands, you should find – google – the closest police station and report the theft.

Emergency 3: Someone stole your passport

Things are a bit trickier in this case. Again, you should first look around and make sure that it is not somewhere near and safe. If you cannot find it anywhere, you should report it to the police. You should also contact the embassy of your country in the UK. Things will be much easier if you have another official document with your name and a photo of you with you.

Emergency 4: You clicked on the link on a suspicious text message

All around the world there are scammers who send emails and text messages – sometimes they even call – in order to scam people and steal the money on their bank accounts. You should never fall for their lies as banks and national institutions do not ask for your PIN and they ask you to go in person for any serious procedures. If you want to report a phishing attempt against you or you have been a victim of a scamming incident while in the UK, you should go to ActionFraud.

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